Pay and display parking permit

Pay and Display has been introduced for university staff to facilitate occasional car users who wish to be more flexible with their transport arrangements. By choosing to Pay & Display staff can decide on a daily basis whether or not they would like to spend money on parking for that day. By encouraging the use of the Pay & Display system it is hoped that more staff will review their travel choices. 

Members of the university wishing to use the Pay and Display machines must first obtain a Pay and Display permit, so that the car park attendants can see that the car is being used by a member of the university eligible to park there.

How much will it cost to Pay & Display?

Tickets for use in conjunction with Pay & Display permits will be available from the Pay & Display machines at £2 per day or £1 for up to four hours. Staff wishing to use the Pay & Display machines are encouraged to have the right amount of money on them, as the machines cannot give change.

How do I apply for my Pay & Display car parking permit?

Following the introduction of the DMU Hub ( all car parking permits will now be processed via the 'My Car Park' tile within the Hub.

No access to the DMU Hub or can't see the 'My Car Park' tile?

DMU staff must complete their car parking application via the DMU Hub.

However, certain categories of staff may not have access to the DMU Hub or may not see the My Carpark tile. If your contract falls within one of the following categories below then you will be required to complete an offline application: 

Return the completed form to the Estates Services Reception. Please do not use this form in lieu of a DMU Hub application if you have access to the Hub. Each offline application will be checked and returned to the originator for submission via the Hub in such instances.

Staffing categories for offline applications include:

  • Unitemps
  • Chartwells
  • DMU Student Union
  • Other agency (included contracted staff)

Displaying your ticket

Both the ticket and the Pay & Display permit must be displayed clearly in the car windscreen. Any car failing to show the permit will be liable to a parking charge of £80 (reducing to £40 if paid within 14 days), even if the Pay & Display ticket is clearly visible, this is vital to ensure that only genuine members of the university use the car park. Likewise, any car exceeding the time given on the ticket, or with an authority to park on campus permit but no ticket, will be liable to a parking charge.

Locations of Pay & Display machines

The Pay & Display machines are located in the main Car Park and 1 Mill Lane car park.

An additional machine is available for use in the Gateway House car park for the use of Gateway House Pay & Display permit holders only. A machine is also available in the The Venue car park for use by leisure centre staff with the correct permit.

Pay & Display tickets may not be used in any other car parks.

It is not possible to guarantee car parking spaces for permit holders, because adopting this method would significantly reduce the number of car parking spaces available.  









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