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Free Park & Ride permit

DMU staff have the opportunity to apply for a season ticket for the city Park & Ride services FREE OF CHARGE

Park & Ride routes



Each ticket will be valid from 1 September until 31 August inclusive for DMU business, including commuting to and from work on any of the three Park and Ride services operating from Meynell’s Gorse, Enderby and Birstall. Interested staff members should download the application form found here and return it to the Estates Services Building reception. This offer is open to all permanent DMU staff plus other DMU and DSU employees with contracts that run until at least 31 August of each permit year.

Any DMU Parking Permit holders who wish to apply MUST return their campus car parking permit prior to being issued with a Park & Ride ticket; no staff member will be able to hold a DMU Parking Permit and a Park & Ride Annual Ticket at the same time. Existing permit holders surrendering their permits will be refunded for any balance of prepayment or their standing payments will cease.

Other terms and conditions apply as detailed in the application form.

With the Enderby and Meynell’s Gorse service stopping close to DMU and the Birstall service stopping in the city centre just a short walk away, this deal offers a great opportunity for staff members to choose a more sustainable form of transport to work.

Further information on the Leicester City Park & Ride sites can be found on their website at

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