DMU Temporary Disabled permit

Colleagues may apply for a DMU Temporary Disabled Permit if you satisfy the following:

  • You have a medical condition, disability or restricted mobility which means that you are unable to walk more than short distances e.g. 100 meters, and require access to a parking space as near as possible to your workplace or building.

This being the case you will need to be health assessed by DMU Occupational Health. This assessment can be initiated via either a DMU Occupational Healh Management Referral or a General Practitioner (GP) Referral.  

How do I apply for my DMU Temporary Disabled parking permit?

To apply please go to the DMU Hub and click onto the 'My Car Parking' tile ( You will be prompted to provide additional information as to your temporary disability within the form and the confirmation email on completion of your application. 

No access to the DMU Hub or can't see the 'My Car Park' tile?

DMU staff must complete their car parking application via the DMU Hub.

However, certain categories of staff may not have access to the DMU Hub or may not see the My Carpark tile. If your contract falls within one of the following categories below then you will be required to complete an offline application:

Return the completed form to the Estates Services Reception. Please do not use this form in lieu of a DMU Hub application if you have access to the Hub. Each offline application will be checked and returned to the originator for submission via the Hub in such instances.

Staffing categories for offline applications include:

  • Unitemps
  • Chartwells
  • DMU Student Union
  • Other agency (included contracted staff)

Please click here for the map of disabled spaces around the campus.

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