Building specific parking permit

DMU staff may apply for a building specific Car Parking Permit. This is distinct from the annual staff parking permit, which only entitles permit holders to park in the DMU Main Car Park. Car parks attached to particular buildings on campus may only be used by staff with a Building Specific Parking Permit for that car park. Staff with such permits may also use the Main Car Park.

Permit costs are calculated according to your placement in the tier below
Tier 1 - Staff with an annual gross salary up to the top of Grade D - 
£120 per annum (£10/month).
Tier 2 - Staff with an annual gross salary above the top of Grade D and 
up to the top of Grade G - £240 per annum (£20/month).
Tier 3 - Staff with an annual gross salary above the top of Grade G and 
up to spinal point 51 - £360 per annum (£30/month).
Tier 4 - Staff with an annual gross salary above spinal point 51 - 
£480 per annum (£40/month).

Any staff in receipt of contribution points above Grade D, G and H will not attract charges for the Tier above. Charges will be levied based upon current Grade.

Any staff in receipt of market supplement payments, shift allowance payments or other similar regular and / or ongoing payments will attract charges from the Tier equating to their annual gross pay i.e. annual gross salary plus these payments.

Staff members working part-time will be placed into the Tier that matches their annual gross salary plus any additional and / or regular payments as outlined above.

 Permits will be issued for these car parks according to the following criteria:
Selection criteria 
1. Staff with medical issues based within the attached building.
2. Staff with medical issues based in other buildings.

3. Staff with work related issues based within the attached building.

4. Staff with work related issues based in other buildings.
5. Staff with personal issues based within the attached building e.g. carer issues.
6. Staff with personal issues based in other buildings.
7. Staff with no particular reason within the attached building.
8. Staff with no particular reason based in other buildings.

How do I apply for my building specific parking permit?

To apply please go to the DMU Hub and click onto the 'My Car Parking' tile (

No access to the DMU Hub or can't see the 'My Car Park' tile?

DMU staff must complete their car parking application via the DMU Hub.

However, certain categories of staff may not have access to the DMU Hub or may not see the My Carpark tile. If your contract falls within one of the following categories below then you will be required to complete an offline application:

Return the completed form to the Estates Services Reception. Please do not use this form in lieu of a DMU Hub application if you have access to the Hub. Each offline application will be checked and returned to the originator for submission via the Hub in such instances.

Staffing categories for offline applications include:

  • Unitemps
  • Chartwells
  • DMU Student Union
  • Other agency (included contracted staff)

Reviewing your application

Applications will be evaluated by the Sustainability Assistant and Head of Estate Management. Permits will normally only be issued for the building car park closest to the office base/main location of the applicant. The intention of allocating Building Specific Parking Permits is not to give those permit holders (except those with disabilities) a greater chance of a space than those with Main Car Park permits.

Although Building Specific Parking Permits will normally be issued for a year, there may be exceptional circumstances when they may need to be withdrawn during the course of a year and a Main Car Park Permit substituted. 

DMU staff who are current Leisure Centre members may  use the Venue Car Park outside of the Core Hours  (07:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday) subject to availability by getting their cards programmed for access by Security. 

Car parks covered by these rules:

  • Bede Halls of Residence
  • Bede Island
  • Beaumont Park - for staff based in the building only
  • Chantry
  • Clephan
  • Edith Murphy
  • Gateway House
  • Gateway House Pay & Display
  • Heritage House
  • Innovation Centre - short-term stay only (4 hours max, no return within one hour).
  • The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre
  • The Venue 
  • John Whitehead
  • Portland 
  • Trinity
  • Watershed

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