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Staff Social Committee Membership

Marcella Avis (HLS) and Georgina Hill (TECH) – Co-Chairs

Gemma Goodman (POD) – Secretary

Kay Wilson (POD)

Fiona Parkinson (POD)

Jon Grounds (POD)

Sarah Gomes (POD)

Neeru Banwait (SAAS)

Helen Mercado (SAAS)

Lucy Crouch (Finance)

Linda Humphreys (Marketing & Comms)

Amy Fynn (TECH)


If you have any ideas, or want to get involved with the Staff Social Committee, then please get in touch with the members above, or email        

Staff Social Committee Events Guidance

The staff social committee aims to offer employees the opportunity to take part in social events and activities to foster good working relationships between colleagues across the university.

Although social events may take place away from the workplace and outside of normal working hours, the university’s policies and procedures apply to such events.  The university wishes to encourage employees to take part and enjoy these events and activities whilst being mindful of how their conduct at such events might impact on relationships between colleagues, or damage the university’s reputation.

In particular, where alcoholic drinks are available at work-related social events, whether or not paid for/provided by the university, these should be consumed in moderation.  It is strictly forbidden for any employee to use recreational drugs, including cannabis, at any work-related social event whether on university premises or not. Employees are encouraged to ensure any family/friends who accompany them on work-related social events also abide by these guidelines. 

The university’s grievance and disciplinary policies apply to work-related social events and employees should not say or do anything at a work-related social event that could offend, intimidate, embarrass or upset any other person, whether intended as a joke or not.

Employees should also be mindful of the Code of Conduct pdf(144 kb) which applies to events organised through this committee and in particular the following sections: 2.1) Dignity at Work and 2.6) Work related social events and activities.


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