The OSCAR Awards 2017 categories

OSCAR Categories 2017

The Outstanding Service Contribution and Achievement Recognition (OSCAR) Awards are about showcasing the very best work undertaken by staff at DMU.

Culminating in an awards ceremony in June, the OSCARs are open to all DMU staff – to nominate colleagues who have made a difference to our university, or to be nominated for your own work.

The categories for The OSCAR Awards have been designed to represent the university’s mission and vision and refect the Strategic Framework 2015-2020.


Categories for the 2017 awards are:

  1. Award for Excellence in Service Delivery
  2. Outstanding Contribution to Promoting our City
  3. Exceptional Contribution to the Student Experience
  4. Outstanding Contribution to Research Excellence
  5. The Unsung Hero Award
  6. Team of the Year
  7. Outstanding Contribution to Internationalisation
  8. Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Service to DMU


1.      Award for Excellence in Service Delivery

This award will go to the individual or team that puts their customer, whoever they may be, at the heart of their endeavours, consistently delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations.  They will seek to identify, understand and respond to customer needs in a way that enhances the experience of DMU for all who come into contact with them, and they will build great relationships across the board.

Excellence in service delivery goes beyond the typical public-facing role and can be evidenced by anyone in the university delivering the highest levels of customer service whether to students, internal and external colleagues or the general public.

Nominees of this award: 

  • Ensure that the experience and satisfaction of customers is at the forefront of everything they do
  • Provide support to colleagues, students or external bodies, that is over and above the norm for the role
  • Proactively build and maintain positive relationships in order to improve the service and the experience of the customer
  • Provide positive liaison between departments, teams and individuals to enhance customer service
  • Produce and develop workable ideas, improvements or innovations that have enhanced the service provided by their area


2.      Outstanding Contribution to Promoting our City

This award recognises the efforts of an individual or team that have made a significant contribution to promoting the City of Leicester. 

Nominees will have contributed towards:

  • Our environment or an activity that promotes sustainability
  • Mentoring and/or coaching be it one-to-one, or group mentoring/coaching, equipping people with skills and enabling them to take advantage of other life enhancing opportunities
  • Activities that encourage and support an active and healthy lifestyle in all sections of the community
  • Any activity that strengthens relationships across all sections of the community, promoting a City that is for all



3.      Exceptional Contribution to the Student Experience

This award recognises an individual or team that give an outstanding contribution to the educational environment of the university, recognise and support the diversity of student needs or provide an exceptional contribution to a culture of excellence. They may or may not have direct contact with students, but either way their contribution will be about how the life and/or education of our students can be supported and enhanced.

Nominees of this award will:

  • Demonstrate a student-centred approach to everything they do and deliver a first-class experience to students
  • Positively impact on the student experience by identifying and exploiting opportunities to support students’ academic, personal, social and cultural needs
  • Inspire, motivate and influence others to deliver an excellent student experience
  • Forge and develop effective and co-operative relationships with prospective student employers
  • Develop resources to improve students' skills in learning, particularly in relation to the diversity agenda
  • Develop the curriculum, e.g. to promote internationalisation and/or employability
  • Develop resources that help students to develop enterprise-related skills


4.      Outstanding Contribution to Research Excellence

This award will be given to an individual or team who has demonstrated research excellence over the course of the past year through research outputs, income generation and/or evidence of esteem as well as a commitment to promoting a research culture through active collaboration and support for colleagues seeking to expand their research horizons.

Alternatively this award will be made to members of the university's staff who can demonstrate excellence in the supervision of doctoral students, including those studying for the PhD and professional doctorates.

Nominees will have:

  • Made an outstanding contribution to their field, demonstrating leadership in their area of research and attracting substantial support from funding bodies
  • Evidenced excellence in the design and/or implementation of their research
  • Evidence that the impact of their work is of social and/or public benefit and contributes to a change that influences well-being, health, access and equity
  • Provided excellent support to research staff
  • Offered appropriate support to students' research projects, including encouraging and supporting them in writing up their work, giving useful and prompt feedback on submitted work, advising on keeping the project on track, and monitoring progress
  • An ability to support students through the completion of their thesis and final examination


5.      The Unsung Hero Award 

This award recognises an individual who really does go the ‘extra mile’ on a daily basis to make a difference to life at DMU. They can be in any role at all, anywhere in the university, but whoever they are, you know they will do all they can to make the life and experience of everyone they come into contact with a little bit easier and a little bit happier. They always have the greater good of their DMU colleagues and/or students in mind. 

Nominees will be:

  • Someone who works diligently in the background
  • Someone for whom no job is too much trouble
  • Someone who keeps you safe and healthy
  • Someone who goes well beyond the remit of their role to initiate projects however large or small in scale) which positively enhance life at DMU and/or within the wider community


6.      Team of the Year

This award recognises a collection of individuals working together who have made a significant and positive impact.  They could be an established work team or a collection of individuals from different areas who have worked together collaboratively on a project or initiative that ‘adds value’ to the university. Their achievements will have positively impacted on their Faculty or Directorate and have a sustainable output.


Nominees will have:

  • Evidence that the team has made an impact on their work area
  • Made a recognisable contribution to the university
  • Produced tangible results because of their team’s collaborative approach
  • Be seen as ‘role models’ of excellent team working in their area

In nominating a team for this award you should give the correct title of the team. The membership of nominated teams will be checked with the team managers by the Award organisers and staff who are working at DMU at the time of the Award event will be included in the nomination.


7.      Outstanding Contribution to Internationalisation

This award is for the individual or team, whatever their role or remit, who have made a genuine contribution to DMU’s global agenda. This could include generating innovative ideas which raise DMU’s international profile, developing new relationships abroad, maximising existing relationships with fantastic results or simply coordinating, leading and/or supporting a global trip.

Nominees may have achieved this:

  • By introducing an academic and/or support programme that has enhanced the international impact of DMU, thus attracting international students and staff.
  • By effectively coordinating, managing and/or leading a trip/activity that demonstrably enhances the student experience through global education
  • By welcoming, inducting and integrating international students or colleagues, truly making them feel part of the DMU community and furthering the reputation and brand of DMU overseas by association.
  • Through a significant contribution to international recruitment and the development of innovative strategies to improve international student numbers.
  • Through a significant contribution to the standing, reputation and image of DMU overseas and the university’s globalisation agenda.
  • By promoting our international agenda through collaborative research knowledge exchange and research projects.
  • By establishing partnerships and alliances to promote international higher education, share best practice, and positively affect institutional development.
  • By integrating internationalisation in strategic planning, infrastructure development, research, curriculum, learning and development, teaching, student experience and learning outcomes as well as alumni relations.


8.      Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Service

This award will be presented to an individual who, over an extended period of time, has served the university in an outstanding way.  The award recognises exemplary service to the university, a profession, or a particular discipline.   

 In addition to the core criteria the judge will be looking for evidence of:

  • Effective engagement with groups and organisations, from the local and/or global community
  • The impact the nominee’s contribution has had on DMU, its students and staff
  • Greater effectiveness, efficiency, and/or visibility in the operation of the university as a result of the individual’s efforts
  • The sustainable legacy that has been left by the nominee
  • Providing leadership and dedication to the university.
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