Thank you card guidelines

What are thank you cards?

The university recognises the contribution and achievement of its staff in a number of ways. On a day to day level, managers will informally thank and acknowledge the contribution of their staff. At a university wide level the OSCAR Awards have been introduced for individuals to nominate members of staff for their outstanding contribution and service to the university, in a number of categories closely aligned to the university’s strategic aims and objectives.

The introduction of thank you cards is another form of recognition whereby the university can formally but personally thank a member of staff who is deemed worthy of praise or recognition for a specific action, effort or piece of work, or for going above and beyond what is required.

Thank you cards are not designed to replace the normal feedback a manager might give or the university wide recognition through the OSCAR Awards, but are designed to complement both and enable the university to personally thank a member of staff at the time when the work or effort worthy of recognition has been achieved.

The university has a corporate branded thank you card that should be used.

Who sends thank you cards?

Staff are able to recommend that other members of staff within the university are sent thank you cards in recognition of their good work. Recommendations should be made to the PVC/dean or director of the faculty or directorate that the member of staff works within, via an email to the director or PVC/dean’s PA.   

If in agreement that the thank you card is appropriate, it is advised, if possible, for the PVC/dean or director to handwrite the card. The card should then be hand delivered to the member of staff. A handwritten rather than printed card creates a more personal touch and will enable each card to be personalised to the work that has been achieved by the individual.

When should they be sent?

A thank you card should be sent as soon as possible after the piece of work or occasion that warranted recognition and thanks.

Where to obtain blank cards?

PAs to PVC/deans and directors can obtain cards from the People and Organisational Development (POD) Directorate by contacting Jo Swatland on ext 8366.

PAs are asked to make a quarterly return to POD detailing the names of those who have been given cards and a brief reason why, in order that the excellent work being carried out across the university can be captured, and we can ensure we have a ready supply of blank cards to issue. POD will issue this form quarterly for completion and return. 

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