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What is UDL?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an innovative framework underpinning teaching, learning and assessment at DMU. 

UDL aims to provide an equal learning experience for every DMU student. 

It aligns with our Strategic Framework 2015-2020, which outlines our ambition to transform DMU students into successful graduates by delivering an individual learning experience and personalised teaching and support.

The principles of UDL are the product of decades of research about how people learn, and are based on more than 800 different research studies. At the heart of the UDL approach is the idea of embedding inclusivity and choice for both lecturers and students.

Read about the praise the UDL project has received from the Government here.

DMU Annual Conference 2017 - Universal Design for Inclusion

The experience of disabled students following substantial changes to the Disabled Students’ Allowances system will be the primary focus of this year’s De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) Annual Conference 2017.

The event, entitled Universal Design for Inclusion, takes place at the university’s Hugh Aston Building, Vaughan Way, Leicester, on Wednesday 7 June from 9.15am until 4pm. Find out more here.

You can find out more about UDL and its benefits from DMU staff and students in our video:


The Three Key Principles of UDL

UDL can be incorporated into teaching in the following ways:

Flexible ways of learning

Examples include:

  • Getting students to participate in taught sessions in inventive and innovative ways
  • Using teaching aids imaginatively in order to aid learning

Flexible study resources

Examples include:

  • Using modifiable handouts so that students can edit the font or background to their preference
  • Recording lectures in video or audio format for students to access before or after their lecture

Flexible ways of testing learning

Examples include:

  • Providing different methods of assessment to the traditional unseen, written exam
  • Offering a wide range of ways for students to demonstrate their learning e.g. presentations, video etc.




How is UDL relevant to me?


UDL Staff Training Sessions

There is plenty of UDL support at DMU to aid staff in adopting and further enhancing these principles into their work.

However, it is important to emphasise that much of the excellent teaching taking place at DMU already conforms to these UDL principles.

At its heart, remember that UDL is simply good teaching practice.

All sessions consider both the changes needed to introduce UDL and how we can embed the framework to achieve its full, transformative potential. 

The sessions are:

  • UDL and DMU Replay in Practice - Building on the online UDL Introduction (see below), this two-hour session offers tips and practical advice for delivering UDL in your teaching. It is delivered by the Academic Development Team and staff from the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT).  The latter will demonstrate DMU Replay – our new system for lecture capture – and offer tips and ideas for using technology to enhance current teaching practice.

NB - This course replaces ‘UDL in Practice’ and ‘UDL Workshop’ sessions.  Anyone who has attended these is exempt from attending this session.

Update for Hourly-Paid Lecturers (HPL) – An agreement has been reached so that HPLs can be paid for attending this session.  Please contact your Faculty regarding arrangements for payment and to book a place on the course.

Updates on DMU Replay – the latest on DMU Replay is addressed in this course.  Those who attended the ‘UDL Workshop’ before July 2016 (and who did not attend their Faculty DMU Replay Roadshow) may find it useful to sign up to CELT’s ‘DMU Replay Introduction’ for the latest version of the implementation and policy news regarding DMU Replay.

Depending on demand, the following sessions can also be booked:

  • UDL in Modules - A one-hour session addressing how UDL can be implemented within modules, with a particular emphasis on assessment.*
  • UDL in Programmes - A one-hour session which considers how modules can be linked to address UDL and other key DMU strategies.*

* The UDL Introduction is a prerequisite for ‘UDL and DMU Replay in Practice’ and other UDL sessions and is an online briefing which takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. To access this resource in Blackboard, click here.  If you are already logged in, the link will take you direct to the UDL Introduction.  If you are not, then follow the log-in instructions then click on UDL Community>What is UDL?

You can find out more about UDL training sessions here and to book your place at a session, email

The Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT)  is also offering workshops on multimedia enhancement and audiovisual recording using DMU Replay, a key aim within our UDL framework. Please click here for details. 

CELT also provide a comprehensive list of FAQs for DMU Replay which is regularly updated following staff feedback. You can access them here.







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