The process of reflection and discussion can be powerful however, it does require time and engagement to produce real results. The process is not the sole responsibility of the appraiser or appraisee; it needs to be seen as a joint, positive and constructive dialogue if it is to achieve the maximum impact. It should provide the opportunity for the appraisee and the appraiser to talk openly.

As a result people should:

  • Know and understand what is expected of them
  • Be supported by the institution to learn and develop in order to meet these expectations 
  • Be given feedback on how they are doing 
  • Discuss and find joint solutions to barriers that may emerge such as time, resources, relationships and management 
  • Have the opportunity to discuss and contribute to individual and team aims and objectives 
  • See how what they do fits into a bigger picture together with the vision and values of the University 
  • Take positive steps to plan for wider career aspirations








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