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What is HESA?|

How can I help with the HESA return?|

I returned my details when I started, do I need to do it again?|

Why do I need to return my information?|

Is my data secure?|

What are our biggest issues?|

Which fields have the biggest levels of unknown data?|

As a line manager, is there anything I can do to help with HESA?|

I only work for a few hours a year or I am not permanent, do you need my information?|


What is HESA?

HESA is the Higher Education Statistics Agency.  Each year in November, we return all staff we have employed during the previous academic year 1st August to 31st July.  The is a mandatory return for all higher education institutions.  It is essential that we return accurate details as part of this return.

Aside from this, all of the equality data is also used for internal reporting, to ensure we are meeting all the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.  We also want to be an employer of choice and our commitment to an environment where staff are protected from discrimination is aided by knowing the demographics of our staff.  This helps us to tailor our services and policies.

To find out more about HESA, please click here|

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How can I help with the HESA return?

Much of the data return is your individual personal details.  Without your disclosure, we have to return this data as unknown.  We are targeted on the level of unknowns and have to justify volumes in the validation part of the return.

You can help us by ensuring your details are both returned and are up-to-date.

To update your details, there are a variety of methods; for academic staff the HESA details forms is the most accurate method; Academic and Research Staff| pdf(251 kb).

You can also update many of your personal details via the staff portal|.

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I returned my details when I started, do I need to do it again?

Yes, every few years, HESA changes the fields we collect based on the requirements of their statutory customers and as a result of changes in law, so your details often go out-of-date. Therefore we need you to update and check these whether you have a known change or not.  For example, we are now collecting data on sexual orientation and religion, belief or none.

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Why do I need to return my information?

All the data collected for HESA purposes is released to statutory customers and also to publications. For example, the THE collect data on average salaries which is published on an annual basis.  It impacts on league tables, funding and external perceptions of the University.  It is also used for benchmarking purposes.

In addition to HESA, we also use much of this information to tailor our resources and services to ensure we are supporting our staff population effectively.

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Is my data secure?

Yes, all data returned to HESA is returned anonymously using a HESA identifier. If we use the data for our internal reports, e.g. the staff diversity report, it is also ensured that it is reported anonymously.

To find out more about how HESA protects  and uses your data, please click here|

HESA have also updated their staff collection notices; please click here||

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What are our biggest issues?

Missing data.

We currently spend a disproportionate amount of time chasing missing data.  We would encourage all staff to return their HESA forms, to check their details on the staff portal, and respond to requests for information.  This will enable us to spend more time analysing the data and supporting the setting of objectives and policies to support our staff base.

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Which fields have the biggest levels of unknown data?

We currently have unknown data for teaching qualification, sexual orientation and religion, belief or none.  Whilst most staff will have returned data at the time of appointment, and maybe updated it throughout their employment, these are our newest fields and we would encourage you to return this data.

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As a line manager, is there anything I can do to help with HESA?

Yes, it is very important that data collection is supported by line managers.

We would encourage you as part of the induction process to encourage staff to ensure they have made their initial declarations.  If their circumstances have changed recently, e.g., if they have had a diagnosed disability, you could check if they have changed their details on their HR record?  We also may need you help and support in chasing missing data.

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I only work for a few hours a year or I am not permanent, do you need my information?

Yes, if we have paid you, even for a few hours a year, we need to return you to HESA.  And depending on your staffing type, we need to return all the fields we do for permanent staff.

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