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Premature Retirement, Lecturers in Higher Education


Premature Retirement Lecturers in Higher Education| pdf(168.5 kb)


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3. Consultation|

4. Information In Respect Of the Teachers Pension Scheme and the Local Government Pension Scheme|

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1. Introduction

Premature retirement may be agreed where it is in the interest of the university (i.e. the service). Individual employees wishing to enquire about the possibility of premature retirement and to seek advice regarding pensions and other personal aspects of retirement may do so on a personal and confidential basis without commitment, by requesting an appointment with their Human Resources Partner.


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2. Applications

Anyone considering a formal application may do so in the first instance by either writing to or requesting an interview with the Director of Human Resources. Should they be a member of a union recognised by the university they may be accompanied by an employee representative of that union. Prior to approaching the Director of Human Resources, any other discussions with other levels of management e.g. Head of Department are entirely at the individual's discretion. Should the university management wish to raise the matter of premature retirement in the first instance with a member of a union then an official or employee representative of the union will be informed and invited to attend an initial meeting.


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3. Consultation

At an early stage the financial implications in terms of the pension details will be discussed with the individual. Should it be considered appropriate to proceed in the light of the information available, the Director of Human Resources will consult with the Head of Department/Head of Cost Centre and investigate the implications with regard to both the individual circumstances and the benefits to the service. The Vice-Chancellor will be advised of the application and provided with the detailed information obtained.

The Vice-Chancellor will then consider the case and determine whether:

a) Premature retirement can be agreed with early access to accrued pension benefits.

b) Premature retirement cannot be agreed.

The decision will be conveyed to the applicant and confirmed in writing. If an offer is made and accepted by the individual then formal signatures will be obtained. This process does not prejudice the individual's right to raise a matter within the Grievance Procedure.

In coming to a decision the Vice-Chancellor will give sympathetic consideration to an individual's circumstances and length of service as well as to any benefit and saving to the university.

It is only fair to point out, however, that some benefit/savings to the university must normally be perceived.

If ill health is considered to be a factor this has to be medically certified under the rules of the relevant Pension Scheme. See the Retirement Policy for more information.

The premature voluntary retirement scheme is for staff who are 55 years of age or over and who have five or more years of pensionable employment (or two years’ pensionable employment after 6 April 1988).


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4. Information In Respect Of the Teachers Pension Scheme and the Local Government Pension Scheme

Both the above have employee guides to the scheme which address many of the questions individuals may wish to raise. Copies can be obtained on request from the Human Resources Department and assistance offered as to how to obtain further information. Please also refer to the university’s Retirement Policy for more information on both of these schemes and contacts for further information.


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5. Limitations on Post Retirement Employment

Both the Teachers Pension Scheme and Local Government Pension Scheme have rules regarding such limitations (see Section 4| above).


For a signed copy of the policy click here|pdf(168.5 kb)

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