DMUhub: Employee Lookup tile launched

We are delighted to announce that we’ve launched the Employee Lookup tile on DMUhub.


employee lookup main2

This tile has now been added to your DMUhub ‘My Details’ page.  

We are releasing tiles in a phased manner. The first four tiles focussed on data about you and your contract and today’s new tile, Employee Lookup, shows reporting line data from across the university. It is a great way to look up people you know and to start building your network.

What can I do on the Employee Lookup tile?

This tile shows where you sit in the organisation structure, including who you report to and who reports to you. You can also search for colleagues by name; search results will show their email, contact numbers and profile picture.

If you have more than one contract you will be able to view your reporting line per contract.

Employee Lookup looks like this:


Once you have clicked on the tile, you will see the view shown above left. If you click on ‘My Hierarchy’, you can see your direct reports. By selecting an individual you can view their direct reports and ‘drill down’ through the organisation.

To view the reporting line above you select the ‘Reporting Line’ link (shown above right, circled in red).

For more information on how to use this tile and the search functionality, please visit the Employee Lookup page on the DMUhub staff webpages. Alternatively, please refer to our quick one-page Busy Person’s Guide.

What happens if I need to make a change?

Employee Lookup is a view-only tile. This means that changes can only be made by People and Organisational Development.

We will be writing to all managers separately, asking them to review their direct reports and let us know of any changes. If you are a manager, please look out for this email as it will tell you where to direct your amendments to. If you notice something that you think is incorrect, please let your line manager know.

What should I do if I can’t see the Employee Lookup tile?

Please call the ITMS Service Desk (ext. 6050) or email

Reminder - How to access DMUhub

DMUhub is web-based. As long as you can access the internet on any device (including mobile, tablet and laptop) you will be able to log on, even off campus.

There are two ways to get access:

  1. Go to your preferred internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc.) and type into the address field.
  2. The link is available on the DMUhub area of the staff pages. We will NEVER email this link to you. Please do not access DMUhub from an emailed link even if you know the sender.

This will take you to the DMU Single Sign-On screen. Enter your usual Single Sign-On username and password. 

Top Tip: Save this in your favourites or as a shortcut on your smartphone or tablet.

Where to go for help

Whether it's system, personnel data or technical help you need, we have a wide range of support available for you. Follow this simple step-by-step approach for the best results.





Posted on Monday 19th June 2017

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