Your fees, your experience glossary of terms


What is a surplus?

This is any unspent money/profit made by the university at the end of the year after all other costs have been accounted for

Who are support staff?

Support staff are all of the other members of staff at the university outside those directly involved with teaching,

What is #DMUglobal?

Academic based international trips which are available to all students to broaden their cultural horizons, give their studies an international dimension and increase employability. More information can be found here.

What is #DMUlocal and the Square Mile?

#DMUlocal connects students to the community to improve the lives of people in Leicester by drawing upon the expertise and enthusiasm of DMU staff and students. It gives students amazing new experiences, puts knowledge from their degree into practice and allows them to develop key employability skills. The Square Mile programme is a strand of #DMUlocal that focusses on specific areas in Leicester and abroad in India.

What is Alumni?

Students who graduate DMU become known as alumni. There are a range of benefits and services for alumni, including volunteering opportunities, lifelong careers support, exclusive discounts and event invitations.

What is legal compliance?

This is to ensure that the university meets all of the laws, regulations and processes that are required to run an organisation smoothly.

What is porterage?

This refers to the setting up of rooms and moving various furniture and equipment to where it needs to be around campus.

What is ‘DMUreplay’?

As part of DMU’s Universal Design for Learning Project (UDL), DMU replay provides easily accessible content from academic sessions available to students. It allows students to revise taught material in a way which suits them best.

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