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Start-Up Exchange Guest Blog Post: 3 ways you can use the internet to make money


Andrew's career spans more than 15 years. After working as a chatroom moderator on Pop Idol and Friends Reunited, Andrew served as producer for the digital station BBC Radio 1Xtra. As a Marketing Manager for, he helped launch its UK Marketing and Content division. Andrew Davis is renowned for helping businesses transform their new business development and client relations activities through digital and social media platforms.


Last semester, Andrew was invited to give a talk to Innovation Centre Members, sharing his experience of social media for start-ups.

After this talk Andrew Davis decided to write the following blog post in order to share 3 useful tips for students.


The audience really enjoyed it and more importantly, were taking action on some of the ideas I mentioned. What I enjoyed the most was the questions at the end as it gave me insights into what is going through the student’s minds.

One question really stood out to me though and it was:

“If you was at university now with the knowledge you have, what would you do as a part time job?”

I gave 3 answers and here they are.


Social Media Consultant or Social Media Assistant:

Social media consultant

Larger brands tend to hire full-time staff or agencies to run their social media accounts, but small businesses often ‘attempt’ to do it by themselves. Not saying that they are bad at it but time becomes a big factor.

As a freelancer or even a consultant, you can help them determine their strategy, content marketing and posting schedules for their target audience….or even do it for them. As their follower’s grow, so can your business, as they will tell other businesses.

Also your cost to do this is virtually zero. In fact, here is a post I put together for you so you can utilise some of the best free marketing tools around. Quick tip, local social media (i.e., working with local businesses) is a growing area right now.


Virtual Assistant / Task Manager / Freelancer:


Are you organised? Can you quickly and effectively carry out tasks? Are you efficient? If you are then you can put those skills to good use and become an online personal assistant, task manager or freelancer.

Rather than find the work, you can apply to companies like TaskRabbit, People Per Hour or just Google “freelancer websites”. What’s great about these sites is that they already have a buying audience there looking for your help. If you have the skills, then you can make a lot of money from these sites.

Quick tip: Data research, virtual assistant, content creation and skills that involve web design or basic coding are very popular right now. 


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketer

If you love leaving customer reviews on sites like Amazon and eBay, then you can get paid for this. Word of mouth lead generation is how most companies make money and social media is word of mouth on steroids.

If you can send people from your website or social media profile to a site where they buy a product or service you mentioned, then many companies are willing to share a portion of their profits with you.

If you have a your own website and a good following on social media then doing reviews about products with affiliate links that send people to buy that product, can make a nice bit of cash.

Quick secret: This is how most individuals get rich online, through affiliate marketing.


So there you have it, 3 online business ideas you can start tomorrow for free. If you implemented just one of these ideas today, by the end of the university year, you could potentially make good money and also a new career option.


Good luck!

Posted on Friday 9th September 2016

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