DMU Small Business Advice Centre

The DMU Business Advice Centre uses the expertise and passion of DMU Business students to provide free business advice to small businesses across Leicester. Catering to businesses operating with around 10 to 50 employees, the Centre offers advice on a range of matters, helping to provide the knowledge required to excel in any market space. 

Areas of business covered by the Centre

The world of business can at times seem complex and even overwhelming. To ensure clients at the Centre leave feeling more confident, our advice covers a number of key areas of business, including: 

Human resources - We provide advice across a number of human resource topics, including the recruitment process, foreign worker hiring rules, long-term sick employees and how the apprenticeship levy can help recruit and grow talent. 

General business - To ensure that your business is presented to others in the best possible way, the Centre provides support to those looking to put together a business plan for banks or accountants. 

Marketing and social media - One of the most important aspects of developing a successful business, we can support you in developing an improved marketing plan that will help you identify, target and retain the correct customers, use social media to its potential and increase your margins through target segmentation. 

Finance - In order to help your business run smoothly, we can support you to manage your cash flow and finances and keep your books in order to delight your accountant. 

Legal - Any business can be blighted by legal issues. Whether that be handling late paying big companies or recovering debts from non-paying customers, the DMU Business Advice Centre can support you.





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