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So How and Why are You Successful Anyway?

De Monfort University, The Castle
27/10/2017 (15:30-17:30)
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Businesses know when they are successful when they are making money, at least most of the time. But how do you know WHY you are successful? Are you really attributing success properly or are you misreading market signals? How can you grow your business and drive inward investment/economic growth if you do not understand who you are actually selling to and what is actually making you successful? Businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire can and do sell internationally and you may not even realise that you are.

In this event we want to explore with you how you as managers understand the success of your company and we will go through scenarios to understand how signals and information could paint a very different picture.

This event will allow you to interact and engage with Leicester Castle Business School and fellow business people to understand new ways of driving revenue and how this information can better drive your marketing and business strategies.

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