Events 2016

As part of the Leicester Business Festival 2016, De Montfort University hosted a number of events showcasing our research, business and innovation expertise, demonstrating how we can support and work in partnership with both local, regional and national businesses to deliver innovation and growth.


Connected Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Mobility

This event was a showcase of the latest technological developments in driverless cars and intelligent vehicles held at the world-class MIRA site. The event provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about DMU’s IMPART intelligent mobility collaboration, which also involves Loughborough, Nottingham Trent and Coventry universities. The project supports the Government’s Transport System Catapult (TSC) set up to test the latest theories on sustainable transport. 

The Innovation Centre - a gateway to De Montfort University Research, Business and Innovation

This session included an overview of how The Innovation Centre supports local entrepreneurs, acting as a gateway to University expertise. There was the opportunity to hear from and meet a number of our resident businesses and experts to find out more about how we work with business across a number of sectors.  

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships - Your Questions Answered

De Montfort University has a long standing and successful background of engaging positively with employers in collaborative working. The University’s diverse academic portfolio and history of delivering innovative and alternative routes into Higher Education place it firmly as a provider of choice for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships.

Low Carbon Buildings

Dr Rick Greenough and co-presenters showcased the latest research innovations from renewable energy systems and advances in low carbon construction techniques. Dr Rick Greenough was sector lead for Low Carbon as part of the 2016 Leicester Business Festival.

Executive Company Projects - No-cost Masters student business resource

Leicester Castle Business School (De Montfort University) offers organisations the use of a Masters student resource for a specified three / six month period, called the ‘Executive Company Project’. At this succinct breakfast briefing, experts and project tutors answered questions on this skilled, no-cost business project resource.

The Power of 3 Leicestershire Universities Supporting Business - Talent acquisition and knowledge retention

The Universities of De Montfort, Leicester and Loughborough joined forces to support locally based businesses at an exclusive Business Festival event in partnership with the LLEP’s (Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership’s) Business Gateway (LLEP’s Growth Hub). At the event the three Universities emphasised their commitment to the types and levels of support available for local business to become more competitive and innovative.  

TRIIFIC! Healthcare Textiles

Healthcare Textiles showcased the breadth of innovation emerging from Leicestershire organisations. Presentations highlighted two development themes, anti-microbial and structural textiles, while delegates networked around the presentation sessions. Picking up the Healthcare theme from DMU’s TRIIFIC! textiles industry forum, and in partnership with Medilink EM, the event featured talks from Leicestershire companies with international reputations active in this area, and from leading edge researchers.  

Sports-led Place Marketing, Growth, and Place-Making

This event showcased the impacts of the LCFC Premier league win of 2016 on Leicester’s hospitality sectors, and stimulated wider consideration of how sports can lever investment and new business potential through a combination of investment, visitor appeal, and place marketing. Drawing on research conducted by Leicester Castle Business School during the summer of 2016, this contribution to the Festival has highlighted the economic impact of the football win on the city, in terms of economic growth to hospitality sectors in which there was a direct link with home and away fans.

Setting up a Successful Social Enterprise

In this event at DMU’s Innovation Centre, Dr Sallah, The 2015 Times Higher Education most innovative teacher in the country, talked about his experiences of setting up Global Hands (a social enterprise which grew within the university’s Innovation Centre), sharing stories of his success and takeaway tips for anybody who is considering setting up their own social enterprise.

Leicester Castle Business School Business Breakfast Club

Both Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS) and #DMUlocal are committed to De Montfort University's goal of responding to some of the most critical challenges facing Leicester by using its skills, expertise and research to support the community and boost the local economy.

The LCBS Business Breakfast Club was the first opportunity for local businesses to learn about LCBS commitment to Leicester through a short talk about #DMUlocal and it's work in the city followed by a presentation by the LCBS Principal Professor Dana Brown about the history and local significance of having a Business School committed to supporting local enterprises.

Is your company at risk of a cyber attack?

At this event DMU cyber psychologist Dr Lee Hadlington revealed the latest tricks used by cyber criminals to hack into your company’s system or get employees to hand over confidential information or secretly install malicious software – technically known as 'social engineering'. Revealing the most frequent mistakes companies are making and the surprising ways in which staff are potentially leaving their company’s customer list open to the cyber crooks. In addition, experts from IntaForensics Ltd, specialists in digital forensics and cyber security demonstrated a live cyber-attack exercise and the ease with which an attacker can steal sensitive information from a victim by escalating access permissions on a system to take screen shots, activate webcam streaming and download user files.




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