Employer terms and conditions - #DMUworks


All employers and recruitment agencies agree to meet the following statutory legal requirements with regard to students and graduates registered with #DMUworks:

Adherence to health and safety regulations.

Payment of National Insurance contributions, tax or organisation of tax exemption arrangements where appropriate.

Provision of adequate insurance as regards injury to the students and as regards any claims against students for damage or personal injury.

Compliance with Equal Opportunity legislation and codes of practice as laid down for employers.

Compliance with the Working Time regulations 1998

Compliance with minimum wage legislation requirements.

Failure to comply with this Code of Practice could remove an employer's eligibility to advertise with #DMUworks

Terms and conditions for employers and recruitment companies using #DMUworks online jobs board

#DMUworks is not a recruitment agency, we do not enter into contracts with students or employers. #DMUworks allows employers to advertise vacancies and students and graduates to view those vacancies. All contracts of employment are to be agreed between employer and student or employer and graduate.

The placement of a vacancy on this site shall be deemed acceptance of and agreement to the terms and conditions below. #DMUworks reserves the right not to advertise an employer’s vacancy.

Recruitment Agencies are welcome to advertise vacancies on this site but must state clearly that they are a Recruitment Agency in the application details. If a recruitment agency is advertising vacancies on behalf of a client, the client’s details must be made available to the Employer Engagement and Enterprise Team.

Brand Manager vacancies must adhere to De Montfort University's Brand Manager Policy (contact the Employer Engagement and Enterprise Team).

Advertisements from third party providers of international experiences, particularly internships, volunteering and field trips can only be accepted from #DMUglobal partner organisations. If you are not already a partner, please complete the online registration form to begin the accreditation process. 

The employer/recruitment company agrees to:

Supply full contact details, address, email (where available) and landline telephone number.

Supply a clear job description of the work offered, specify the skills and experience required.

When advertising part-time or vacation work clearly state the number and distribution of hours and, if applicable the date when the employment will end. State the rate of pay, method and timing of payment.

When advertising permanent work, indicate the salary range.

When advertising commission only roles the Employer Engagement and Enterprise Team will need to be satisfied that the commission will meet minimum wage requirements. More information regarding the National Minimum Wage legislation is available from https://www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-work-experience-and-internships

The GOV.UK website also includes information on:

Inform candidates about the result of any applications as soon as possible and inform #DMUworks when a post has been filled.

Limit students working hours to our recommended maximum of 15 hours per week during term-time for full-time students. Students may work longer hours during vacation time.

Satisfy him/herself on the suitability of any #DMUworks student/graduate and be responsible for taking up any references provided by the student /graduate before engaging the student/graduate.

Satisfy him/herself that the graduate is legally entitled to work in this country.

Contract directly with the student or graduate.

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