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Supporting Student Recruitment

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Supporting Student Recruitment

For prospective students, the chance to hear first-hand from a graduate who has studied at DMU can make all the difference in choosing their preferred university.
Whether you live in the UK or internationally, you can help us attract talented students – there is genuinely no substitute for receiving advice and guidance from those who have experienced it for themselves.There are several ways you can support our recruitment activities:

Provide a case study

Whether you have started your own business or secured the job you’ve always dreamed of, stories about what our graduates achieve after leaving DMU can inspire future generations of students and encourage them to choose DMU as their place of study.

Attend an Open Day

Thousands of prospective students and applicants come to DMU for the University’s Open Days. These events are crucial in a student’s decision about where to study and every department across the University organises activities to showcase their programmes. The opportunity to meet a graduate and find out more about their experience of a degree programme is invaluable.

If you are an engaging communicator with strong interpersonal skills and would be willing to come back to the University to meet prospective students and talk enthusiastically and confidently about the positive experience DMU has had on your life and career, we’d like to hear from you.

Attend an International Recruitment Fair 

Leaving your home country to come and study in the UK is a daunting experience, and prospective students and their parents find it reassuring to speak to a graduate from their own country, in their own language, about the UK and DMU.

By sharing your own unique memories of DMU as an international student, you will be able to help other students from your country make the important decision of coming to DMU and enjoying the same experiences you had.

Support Student Employability

As the competition for graduate jobs increases, our alumni can play an increasingly crucial role in helping to ensure DMU's students are best prepared to climb the career ladder. Whether providing advice and guidance yourself or through your company, you can provide vital experience and opportunities to our students as they get ready for life after graduation.

 Offering an internship

Could your company offer an internship to a current student or young graduate? Whether you live in the UK or overseas, we are keen to increase the number of internship opportunities available to our students to enhance their CV and equip them with first-hand experience of the 21st-century workplace in their chosen profession.

Mentor a student  

Could you be a mentor?  No matter when you graduated, DMU students can benefit from your professional expertise – in a competitive jobs market, there is no substitute for advice from someone who has been there before.

Become a Guest Speaker

Every academic year, a growing number of alumni return to the University to share their experience and expertise with students interested in pursuing a career in their industry or field.  Whether you currently work in a field related to your degree subject or a completely different area, our students always benefit from hearing a first-hand insight from those who have been there before. 





Alumni events
Alumni events

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Supporting DMU

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