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Lucia Pivetta


Vice-Chancellor's Fund:Lee Child Scholarship Recipient 2012


International Relations and Journalism


Lucia Pivetta has managed to achieve a lot since beginning her studies at DMU, the highlight of which is certainly her meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi. Read her story to find out why she believes the help she has received from the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund has allowed her become the person she was destined to be.

Lucia has always been interested in travelling abroad and understanding other cultures. Based on her long standing goal to write and help people at the same time, she hopes to work as a Foreign Correspondent or War Reporter in the future. So the combination offered by her DMU course is ideal, but as an international student relocating from Italy to the UK to study, it was important Lucia made the right choice. ‘DMU came up as providing the combination of International Relations and Journalism, but I also found the atmosphere very welcoming compared to other Universities I visited here in the UK.’

Now in her third year, Lucia has continued to feel supported by DMU, not only in her studies but on her journey to becoming who and what she has always wanted to be. She highlights one of the reasons for this as the money she was awarded from the Vice Chancellor’s Fund a year ago. ‘Receiving the award has provided me with so many opportunities and allowed me to make huge steps in a short period of time. I’ve gained confidence not only in my university life but in other areas too. I think DMU and the support available here provides the opportunity for a student to start from nothing and become whoever he or she wants to be.’

Lucia believes that her greatest achievement whilst studying at DMU is meeting Burma’s pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi during a trip to Thailand. It was this visit to Thailand that inspired Lucia to apply to the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund, so that she could fund her return to South-East Asia and visit areas known for ethnic conflicts, including Shan State in Burma, the subject of her third year dissertation. ‘I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had won the award; I called my mum in Italy and cried down the phone.' The money from the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund also allowed her to incorporate a trip to Laos where she worked as a Media Officer for an organisation called Village Focus International.

In the next few years, Lucia hopes to develop her career and fulfill her ambition of becoming a reporter in Burma or Thailand ‘The scholarship has allowed me to achieve so much. I have been able to re-visit Burma and establish contacts there. I now have a CV to be proud of and I hope in the future I can build on this and look back at my past and say that I did something for this world, through my work and through my studies.’

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