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Dr Ravi Kanta Powar (MBA, 1995 and DBA, 2003)


When DMU graduate Dr Ravi Kanta Powar (also known as Rosy) found out her son had Coeliac Disease as well as intolerance to lactose she discovered just how difficult it was to find foods that he could actually eat.

Recognising there was a gap in the market for a store that specialises in food products for those with intolerances Rosy opened her own store in Leicester in April 2012.

Rosy already had experience and skills in customer services from helping out her dad in his store and from what she learnt during both her Masters and Doctorate in Business Administration.

“Both my degrees (and probably the MBA just a little more because it was my first degree) contributed massively in giving me the strength and motivation that anything is possible and not to let anyone tell you any different. This has helped in setting up my business, Rosy’s Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Dairy Free store which is a very novel business concept in a very niche market”.

Rosy enjoys finding out what makes her customers feel good about themselves and would love the business to contribute financially towards research into conditions such as colitis, IBS and colon cancer. For now however, she is happy for the company to break even and appreciates that it is a market that will develop slowly.

“It’s not like opening a corner shop or a pound shop that people will be walking into straight away. The business needs to make money but it needs to work on a social level too.”

Rosy hopes she can grow the brand and expand the company into different locations and cities but for now is looking forward to welcoming customers at her Leicester store on Western Boulevard.

For further details and information please visit

Alongside the store being Rosy's latest business venture Rosy has also built up a portfolio of properties both residential and commercial over the last 25 years. Rosy's DBA thesis looked at 'Ways To Improve the Rental Market In The Property Sector' adding academic rigour to her practical experience in the property market. Rosy was the first woman in the UK to be awarded the DBA.

Rosy also works on 'Taking Individuals and Organisations through their learning journey' by providing coaching, mentoring training and development. For further details and information please visit

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