Transform our students by delivering an individual student experience

We will:

  • Focus on teaching excellence through diverse approaches to learning, teaching and assessment that enable all students to maximise their potential
  • Provide an inclusive and stimulating learning environment that recognises the value of co-creation
  • Ensure students develop a broad range of skills for success in academic study, life and employment
  • Provide individualised learning and support to students through integrated and accessible services and network

We have a reputation for transforming students with outstanding potential from diverse, non-traditional backgrounds into successful graduates able to pursue their chosen paths after graduation.

Over the next five years we will focus on an approach to learning, teaching and the student experience that sees every student supported individually. Students will be recognised as co-creators of knowledge within our scholarly community. It will be an approach that empowers our academics to challenge current conventions around learning, teaching and assessment, allowing them to ensure each student is able to maximise their potential. Supporting a wide range of accessible co-curricular activities will also be a crucial part of this approach and will be seen as complementary to students’ learning activities.

Our learning environment will need to be genuinely inclusive to enable all students to participate in it equally. This will require the full and innovative use of learning technologies that support the co-creation of knowledge and enable students to take ownership of their learning journey.

Our curricula will need to be interdisciplinary, contemporary and relevant; we will identify the elements that make our graduates distinctive and embed these attributes into our modules and programmes.

Increased flexibility will be required as the learning patterns of our students change to incorporate placements of varying lengths and co-curricular activities, such as volunteering, that add real value to their future success. Through #DMUlocal and the accelerated development of opportunities under #DMUglobal, we will increase awareness and understanding among our students of civic responsibility and global citizenship.

We have both a moral and financial responsibility to ensure that we provide students with a first-class educational experience, that sets and responds to their expectations and enables them to access the right academic and welfare support in a timely way when required. We will provide an integrated student support system that brings together personal tutors with our academic and welfare support services. Being proactive in identifying students who might be at risk and providing relevant and bespoke support will enable them to overcome barriers to their success.

Key Performance Targets

  • National Student Survey (NSS)
  • Learning Gain - basket indicator combining Widening Participation, entry tariff, good honours, Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey

Key Performance Indicators

  • Module level feedback/module mark combined index
  • Retention/student engagement index
  • Proportion of student contact time not spent in lectures

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