Strengthen our global reach and influence

We will:

  • Develop, promote and publicise our international profile
  • Increase recruitment and participation of international students
  • Increase the cultural competence of our students

Universities of the 21st century will be defined by the global connectedness and cultural competence of their staff, students, alumni and stakeholders, and their contribution to improving global societal and economic development.

Two-way student mobility designed to transform the cultural competence of our students sits at the heart of our internationalisation agenda. We will build on the early success of QAA-commended #DMUglobal and expand it to be the most accessible, extensive and flexible international experience programme of any UK university. To ensure students gain the maximum benefit from their experience, we will provide innovative language learning and cultural preparation schemes that are embedded within our academic activities. To ensure that we are able to increase the number of incoming exchange students, we will review our curricula to ensure that it is flexible enough to cater for students from across the globe and not just those whose home HE systems are closely matched to our own.

We will not be able to achieve our ambitions without expanding the range and depth of our international strategic partnerships, and forming an integrated global network of similar organisations across the globe. We will continue to develop sector-leading, multi-strand relationships with global organisations whose values closely align with our own. By doing so, we will not only improve our international profile, but also secure significant investment that will enhance our student experience and research. We recognise that strategic partnerships will not just be measured financially, and will develop a focused portfolio of partnerships that yield a range of benefits to our students, our researchers and the university as a whole.

Our strategy to transform the cultural competence of our students means increasing substantially the number of students we have from outside the UK. Our partnerships will help to enable the step-change in the size of our global community that we seek by 2020. We will also actively develop new relationships with, and engage further with existing, European partners to increase our proportion of students from the EU.

Key Performance Targets

  • Proportion of our income that is from international activities
  • Proportion of our students who have had a #DMUglobal experience

Key Performance Indicators

  • International student enrolments
  • Number of actively engaged international alumni
  • Number and value of our international strategic partnerships (annual report)

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