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Learning Disability

Learning Disability Nursing is one of the four fields of nursing practice (FoP) available to students studying at De Montfort University. Other FoP include Adult, Child and Mental Health nursing

What is a learning disability?

A child or person with a learning disability has a reduced intellectual ability and additional support needs which may cause problems with everyday activities. In the UK we refer to this as ‘learning disability’. There are an estimated 1.5 million people in the UK with some degree of learning disability. Read more -

People who have a learning disability can experience health changes and challenges to achieve and maintain optimal health the same as anyone else however, in UK society, they are also at greatest risk of early and preventable death. A learning disability can often make it more difficult for the person to identify their health change, access appropriate support in time and follow intervention plans. With the right amount of support at the right time the learning disability nurse makes a real difference.



What is learning disability nursing?

What is learning disability nursing?

Learning disability nursing is a person-centred profession with the primary aim of supporting the well-being and social inclusion of people with learning disabilities through improving or maintaining physical and mental health.

Learning disability nurses act as champions for people with learning disabilities and their families. They undertake a range of activities to promote better health for people with learning disabilities. They do this by advising, teaching and supporting people with disabilities, their families and other professionals to enable people to live full and rewarding lives within their communities.

They specifically provide nursing input and direct support to people with complex needs related to their learning disability.

They work in a wide range of settings. To be effective, all learning disability nurses have to work in real partnership with people with learning disabilities and their families, as well as with other professionals, organisations and the wider community.

Learning disability nurses provide an invaluable role in assisting people with a learning disability to obtain optimal health to live full and healthy lives. Learning disability nurses work with people from the very beginning of life, and sometimes before, right through to the end of life. They also play a key role in supporting the person’s families too.

“Learning Disability Nurses….. what you do is not just for those with learning disabilities but very, very, much for their families…. You mediate; translate; between families, patients and doctors….. you are communicators, you are the cement between the two, and your role is invaluable…”

From: A parent’s perspective of Learning Disability Nurses (Hayley Goleniowska) You Tube video - (9.03 minutes) 

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