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Dying Awareness and Richard III

In May, as part of Dying Matters Awareness week CPEP held an event which explored how the discovery of the remains of Richard III can stimulate us to think about the ways we continue to have bonds with those that have gone before; what this means about us as humans and not just bones, and to think what legacy we ourselves may want to leave. Some of the things we thought about were:

  • How did people approach death and mourning in the past?
  • Caring for the spirit: ancient bones, relics and re-interment
  • Our legacy and our bonds
  • What we can learn from Richard III?

You can see what the two archaeologists (Dr Karina Croucher and Professor Sarah Tarlow) , a social historian (Porfessor kevin Schurer) and a vicar (Rev Alison Adams) said in these you tube clips and through Dr Krouchers blog

Continuing Bonds: Skulls, Burials and Living With the Dead - Dr Karina Croucher


What Richard III could Teach us About Dying, Mourning and Remembering - Professor Sarah Tarlow

Caring for the Spirit: Ancient Bones, Relics and Re-interment - Reverend Alison Adams

Changing Social Attitudes to Death - Professor Kevin Schurer


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