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Torrin Fairholme (Student Lead) – Torrin is a third year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate. He joined the team to gain more practical experience in addition to the theoretical engineering science he is studying for his degree. He has worked on suspension, chassis, drivetrain and the intake and exhaust systems.

Sharon Kumar (Team Member) - Sharon is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate. She joined DMU racing because it provides students with practical experience that cannot be taught in lectures. So far she has gained a vast amount of knowledge on formula racing cars and has made several engineering contacts and friends from throughout the world through the event held at Silverstone in July 2015. She is also planning to work on her final year project on the Dmu racing car.

Henry Spencer (Team Member) - Henry is a third year Electronic Engineering undergraduate. He has worked in the team for two years and has a strong interest in motor racing and enjoys taking part in a real life engineering project. Henry is in charge of the electronic systems of the car, as well as taking small mechanical projects on the car such as the dashboard.

Adam Birch (Team Member) – Adam has just completed his foundation course in Engineering, and is now going into his first year in Mechanical Engineering. He is a serious car enthusiast who has owned 15 cars since the age of 14, and has self-taught skills to keep them maintained. He has thoroughly enjoyed his first year with DMU Racing, and can't wait to complete another three working on and putting ideas into action for future cars.

Laura Rydelewicz (Team member) – Laura is a first year Mechanical Engineering student. She joined the team after thinking it would be a great chance to apply the knowledge she has learned from her degree into a real workplace project. So far, Laura has been involved in some mini projects design using CAD as well as on manufacturing parts of the car.

Anish Vaghela (Team Member) – Anish studies Mechanical Engineering and joined the team because of a passion for conducting practical work and projects. Anish’s interest for cars and design works means they hope it will help the team in someday winning the competition.

Paul Dean (Head Technician) – Paul is the Head Technician at the university. Having worked at the university for over 20 years, he has a vast range of experience in several aspects of engineering. He enjoys motorsport and working on engineering projects. He co-ordinates the project as a whole including the budget and ensures students are working safely in the workshop.

Mark Cuckow (Senior Engineering Technician) – Mark is our CNC Engineering Technician and a final year Mechanical Engineering student. With his expertise in CNC 5-axis milling, he is keen to support students with aspects of engineering manufacture and computer aided design.

Glen Hodgkinson (Engineering Technician)  – Glen is our Engineering Technician. Glen originally trained as a press toolmaker. However, he also has a degree in Education and is completing a Masters qualification in Product Development. Glen enjoys working on ex-military vehicles and motorcycles and is keen to assist students working on the DMU Racing team.

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