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Research and Postgraduate Research Degrees in the Psychology Division

The Psychology Division includes many active researchers who pursue inquiries in a variety of academic and applied fields. The staff group has particular strengths in health, cognitive, developmental and social psychology, as well as interests in the mass media, the education system and communication studies.

As well as pursuing the topics below, members of the Psychology Division have undertaken research in a whole range of applied fields including forensic issues, the delivery of health services, visual impairment in ethnic minorities, and the education of health professionals. Members of the Division also pursue research with colleagues in De Montfort’s Mary Seacole Centre and with the Institute of Creative Technologies.

Postgraduate opportunities in the Psychology Division include pursuing research to M.Phil. and PhD degrees in any of the above fields. We welcome enquiries and applications from prospective postgraduate students in these areas. 

Heath Psychology and Human Wellbeing
Strengths in health psychology include research on the experience of illness; the working lives of health care professionals; psychotherapy and counselling; communication in health care, as well as stress and coping. A newly-emerging interest in positive psychology and a concern with problems faced by students in higher education has provided a new applied focus for research in health and well being in the Division.

Cognitive Psychology
The group’s Interests range from the study of perceptual processes in vision and hearing, through spatial cognition and memory, to integrative cognitive activities in language, theory of mind, working memory, reasoning and decision making. In addition, some recently enrolled PhD students are studying a range of neuro-cognitive interventions for special populations. A further focus of interest concerns individual differences in higher cognitive functions such as intelligence as well as emotional intelligence.

Developmental Psychology
This area of interest covers the full range of developmental periods, from questions relating to breastfeeding and low birthweight infants, through to childhood cognitive, personality and educational development, as well as adult development and life course issues. For example, an emerging focus of interest involves the study of children’s developing interpersonal awareness and the development of ‘theory of mind’.

Social Psychology
Research in this field includes a strong interest in language and discourse as well as cultural psychology and the relationship between people and the mass media, especially comics and films. In addition, the study of children’s developing social awareness is a key area of interest for the group. 
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