Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) Academic Scholarship Terms and conditions


  • This scholarship is available for first year, full-time, Home and EU Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) applicants starting their studies in September 2018, who select De Montfort University (DMU) as their firm choice prior to the date of enrolment, as specified by DMU.

  • Applicants who choose DMU as their insurance choice, and then later make DMU their firm choice, will not be eligible.

  • Applicants who apply through clearing or overseas applicants are not eligible.

  • Applicants who meet the standard entry criteria for the Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) programme*, have been made an offer and have chosen DMU as their firm choice university, can benefit from the following scholarships. Tariff will be based only on that received from the qualifications we specify in the offer we make you. This will be clearly specified in your offer letter.

    • 144 (or equivalent*) achieved £2000 in year 1
    • 136 (or equivalent*) achieved £1000 in year 1
    • 128 (or equivalent*) achieved £500 in year 1

* Equivalent and EU based qualifications will be assessed and considered on a case by case basis. Applicants with offers based on foundation/ year zero programmes or transfer from any year of study at other HE institutes are not eligible for this scholarship.

  • In addition applications must also satisfy any non-academic requirements for admission onto the programme, including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and occupational health self-declaration.

  • Please note: this scholarship is automatically awarded based on confirmation of your qualifications as part of the admission process; therefore there is no need to apply.

  • Scholarships are only available to students paying their own fees (including those in receipt of Student Loans Company Funding).

  • The scholarship is valid only for entry into the 2018/19 academic session - Awards cannot be deferred with an application or enrolment later than September 2018.

  • DMU reserves the right to cancel any sponsorship which has been claimed fraudulently and the student will then be responsible for payment of  the full tuition fee.

  • Please note that we may not be able to offer this in the future if the University’s circumstances change. The type of circumstance which could mean we need to stop this funding include without limitation: if events outside of our reasonable control happen;  if our business operations change; if there is a change of control of the university; if the University’s financial situation changes; or if its legal status changes. We consider it unlikely that these circumstances could occur and mean we cease providing this support but please don’t make a decision to attend this course based on the availability of the fund for your course.

  • Where a student terminates or interrupts their studies, prior to the completion of their course, both the tuition fees and the scholarship will be apportioned pro-rata, based on the student’s last date of attendance.

  • Students in receipt of the scholarship will not be eligible for any other scholarships or awards during their undergraduate studies, with the exception of the Employability Fund, The DMU Difference, Global High Flyers, Care Leavers Bursary and the Estranged Student Bursary
  • No cash alternatives will be offered and the sponsorship cannot be transferred to any other course at DMU or to a nominated recipient.

  • Home students will be paid via the Student Loan Company (SLC)/ Student Finance England (SFE). EU students and non SLC/SFE funded student will be paid via BACS transfer from the University, EU student will be contact in regards to payment once enrolled.

  • As part of the admissions process you will be notified of your eligibility of the scholarship. The administration of the scholarship will happen at point of enrolment.  Scholarship payments will be split into three equal instalments paid in mid-November 2018, mid-February 2019 and early May 2019. EU and non-SLC/SFE students will be contacted in regards to payment once enrolled. 
  • Students must be enrolled on and attending the course when the bursary and/ or scholarship payment is made. Any bursary or scholarship payment made by DMU/ Student Loans Company (SLC) after a student has interrupted their studies or withdrawn from the university will normally be recovered from the student.

  • Any bursary or scholarship payment made by DMU in error OR paid as a result of false information submitted will normally be recovered from the student.

  • lf a payment is not received, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Student Finance and Welfare team at DMU ASAP, so that the non-payment can be investigated. Please note: do NOT leave any queries about non-payment until after the end of the year (September 2018 intake - 15 June 2019), as it may take time to investigate and resolve your query.

  • Your SLC/SFE record must be in a position for the scholarship allocation to be made and then paid. If your SLC/SFE record is not in a position for allocation and/or payment to be made, your payment will be delayed or not made at all. This means that the following criteria must have been met:
    1. Your completed SLC/SFE funding application must have been assessed and finalised by SLC/SFE
    2. You must have signed and returned your Student Declaration Form to the SLC
    3. Your SLC/SFE record must be available to DMU. Therefore you must have given SFE permission for your information to be shared with the university. Permission/ consent from you can be given by calling SFE on 0300 100 0621
    4. The data held on your SFE record must meet the award eligibility criteria (i.e. correct fee amount, commencing year of study, etc.).

If you have any queries you can contact us by the following methods:

T: +44 (0)116 2 50 60 70
Enquiry web form

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