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Working with industry

The Leicester Media School actively works with industry across the entire spectrum of our academic expertise. Our research groups not only excel in theoretical research but also are very strong in the applicability of our work. 

There are various ways in which the department gets involved with industry, below are just a few examples: 

Consultancy development carried out by us and paid for by the company. We combine our resources and expertise to develop bespoke solutions to help your organisation, be it to enhance your products or processes or to solve a specific problem facing the company. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a UK-wide, Government-funded programme and one of the most successful forms of collaboration. The scheme allows your company access to a recent graduate for a two to three year period as an associate, who is supported by an academic to work on a particular project for which you may not have the expertise. One of the aims of a KTP is to embed and develop an in-house capability within your company.

Contract research is usually longer term than consultancy, and appropriate where research needs to be carried out to investigate and solve a business problem where the solution is theoretical and untested. Commissioning contract research is a very effective way of developing proof-of-concept ideas, whilst preserving the potential commercial benefit solely for the company commissioning the research. 

Collaborative research is publicly funded research, usually in response to a call for proposals on a topic within a programme of research. It allows you to work with researchers as part of a consortium. The main source of funding for these collaborations is the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), but we are also experienced with other such collaborations with different funding schemes. The kudos associated with publication and impact of the research is just one of the many benefits of this type of research. Sometimes Intellectual Property is created which can then take a commercial route.

Training is a core offering, we can tailor and deliver specialised training courses for one or a group of companies.


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