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Client Interviewing

Client Interviewing forms an essential activity for most lawyers. The ability to interview sensitively and in a client-focused way is vital to a lawyer’s ability to do their job well. But it is not just lawyers who can benefit from these techniques.

Client Interviewing involves many skills including the ability to:

  • Listen actively
  • Question appropriately (knowing when to ask general or open questions and when to probe more specifically)
  • Offer advice in a clear and user friendly way
  • Empathise and relate to the client as a human being and not just as a ‘legal problem’.

The importance of good interviewing is now recognised by the Law Society and the Bar, and forms an important part of postgraduate professional legal education.

However, at Leicester De Montfort Law School, we believe that the sooner you begin to appreciate the importance of interviewing the better.

With this in mind, workshops are held early in the second year of the Law degrees, the stage at which the process of understanding the interviewing process and developing your skills begins.

All LLB students also have the option to study the elective module Lawyering and the Legal Process, incorporating further vocational skills into the course.

There is also the opportunity to enter the Law School’s Client Interviewing competition, which takes place between October and February each year. Entrants to this competition work in pairs, helping students appreciate the professional value of teamwork as well as developing essential interviewing techniques.

There may also be an opportunity for successful teams to enter the National Client Interviewing Competition.  


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