Student rights and responsibilities

At DMU we aim to promote a culture where everyone is treated with respect. We all need to acknowledge and celebrate our successes and take responsibility for, and learn from, our mistakes. 

If we embrace these values, all members of our community will have the opportunity to develop as individuals and to benefit from a positive university experience.

To help us foster this community spirit and co-operative approach, DMU has a number of formal statements which set out what you can expect from the university, and what expectations are placed on you.

Student responsibilities

You are here to take part in a positive learning experience that should develop your personal, academic and employability skills.  To get the most of the opportunities we provide, you will need to take responsibility for your own learning and development. As a member of our community you are expected to treat others with dignity and respect. We would like you to be aware that your actions and behaviours affect others, and to use this awareness for the benefit of DMU’s community.

Student Rights

As a member of our community you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. You can also expect us to comply with relevant equal opportunities’ legislation. In addition, your views are very important to us. Our provision is regularly reviewed to ensure its continuing quality.

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