Student involvement in periodic review

Students play a key role at various stages in the periodic review process, and their views of the provision feed into both preparation for the review and also the event itself. The Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) facilitates the gathering of students' views, in order that they can inform the writing of the Self-Evaluation Document (SED). Further student commentary on the draft SED is then also sought. Additionally, a student representative is a member of the review panel. A group of students also meet with the panel as part of the programme for the day. 

Student involvement in preparing for periodic review

Students' views must be taken into account when writing the SED. DAQ lead on gathering student feedback, which will usually be done through an online questionnaire that is emailed to students for their completion. Each questionnaire is open for an allocated period of time. Once closed, the results are downloaded and provided to programme teams. There is no requirement that anyone else other than the programme teams have access to the results of these questionnaires. If necessary, targeted focus groups can be held to follow up on the questionnaires – suggested questions that can be used for student focus groups are available.

Once the SED has been written, a representative sample of students (including those with protected characteristics) are required to provide comment on the final draft. This commentary is an essential piece of evidence which is circulated to the review panel with the rest of the documentation. The periodic review co-ordinator will arrange for the students to meet with the DAQ representative, with the faculty providing administrative support to produce the notes. Once approved by the students, the notes are distributed to the periodic review panel as part of the formal documentation required by the university.

Sophie Solomon leads on gathering students' views in relation to periodic review, and should be contacted to discuss this further.

Student involvement at the review event

A student representative is also a member of the review panel. They are nominated by the De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) and are usually an elected faculty representative, ideally from the faculty from which the provision resides. Where this is not possible however, an executive member of DSU may attend instead. Guidance on the responsibilities and expectations of the student representative are available. The student representative will receive gift vouchers for their involvement – these are organised by DAQ.

The panel will also meet with a group of students on the day of the review to consider issues that have been discussed with the programme team to seek further evidence as to the team’s claims. This meeting will be arranged by the review  co-ordinator. The review panel will use the views of students to help it determine which issues to explore, and further form an opinion about the provision. The students should be a representative sample of the student body covering all years of the programme, and where possible, should also include past students. It is valuable for the panel to meet with students even where the provision is work-based or taught through distance learning.

For further information regarding the involvement of students in periodic review, please contact Louise Salmon.


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