Nominating periodic review panel members

The panel of reviewers is drawn from a mixture of De Montfort University academic staff and external peers, and will normally consist of a chair, external peers, faculty member, member from a different faculty, student representative, and a servicing officer. There is also the provision to co-opt up to three additional panel members from outside the faculty, where further expertise is needed. Faculties should take account of diversity when nominating a panel. Membership will ideally be determined at least six months before the review event – as the process is enhanced by using
high-calibre external peers, it is prudent if they are approached with a long lead-in.

Panel membership is nominated through discussions with the Pro
Vice-Chancellor/Dean, faculty Head of Quality, and DAQ. Teams are invited to begin discussions about possible panel members at the briefing meeting, to ensure the panel constitution covers the range of expertise required for the provision under review. This is then presented to a sub-group of the Academic Quality Committee (AQC) for approval.

External advisers are paid a fee of £150 for their involvement on the panel, and reimbursed for their travel expenses. A claim form must be completed and submitted to the relevant faculty administration for processing. The student representative on the panel will receive gift vouchers for their involvement – these are organised by DAQ.

For further information regarding the periodic review panel membership or nominating individuals, please contact Louise Salmon.

Criteria for appointing external panel members

External nominees must be independent. A previous external examiner may be invited to participate as an external panel member once five years have elapsed since their end of tenure. It is also important to ensure when choosing an external panel member that no member of the subject team is acting as an external examiner to any programme with which the proposed external peer has connections. An ex-member of De Montfort University staff may also be a review panel member, once five years have elapsed since they left the university.

External panel members normally need one or more of the following credentials:

  • Experience as a Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) academic reviewer, or auditor
  • Experience as an external examiner at another institution
  • Representing a Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) in accreditation activity
  • Other contribution to the debate about subject quality at a national level, for example through Subject Associations
  • Distinction by way of scholarship and research within the subject
  • At least one external panel member shall be in a senior role with an understanding of educational management issues (preferably in HE)

Forms, templates and proformas for nominating periodic review panel members

The faculty must submit nominations for both internal and external panel members using the form below. The guide to periodic review provides further information on the review panel including nominating panel members.

Panel nomination form
Form to be completed by the faculty to nominate both internal and external members to the panel.

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