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Forms, templates and proformas for periodic review

All forms, templates and proformas relating to periodic review (available throughout this section of the site) are presented together here, in process order. All guidance, policies and strategies| for periodic review are provided separately. Contact Louise Salmon| for further information.

Nominating panel members|
Writing the Self-Evaluation Document (SED)|
Outcomes and follow-up|

Nominating panel members

Go to the nominating panel members| section for guidance on how a panel is constituted, the nomination process, and criteria for the appointment of external panel members along with the relevant nomination form.

The faculty must submit nominations for both internal and external panel members using the form below. The guide to periodic review provides further information on the review panel including nominating panel members.

Panel nomination form
Form to be completed by the faculty to nominate both internal and external members to the panel.

Writing the Self-Evaluation Document (SED)

Go to the writing the Self-Evaluation Document (SED)| section for guidance on the production of the SED including examples of good practice, along with some general principles to self-evaluation.

Self-Evaluation Document (SED) template|
This document should be used to inform the writing of the SED. It outlines the structure, and what should be included in each section. Current approaches to completing the SED along with some examples of good practice|, are also available.

Equality prompts list for periodic review| and guidance
Equality guidance – Equality in the curriculum| | Liberation, equality, and diversity in the curriculum|
This information assists teams developing proposed programmes of study to promote equality and prevent unlawful discrimination or harassment in curriculum design. It should also be used by teams undergoing periodic review. Further information and support is available from the Head of Equality and Diversity|.

Outcomes and follow-up

Go to the outcomes and follow-up| section for guidance about what happens after the review event, including writing the report and enhancement plan, along with follow-up monitoring activity.

Report proforma |
Report proforma to be completed by the DAQ servicing officer following the periodic review event.

Enhancement plan|
Enhancement plan to be completed by the DAQ servicing officer following the periodic review event.

Claim form|
Expenses and fee claim form for external panel members. The mileage rate for private cars is 45p per mile for the first 100 miles of a return journey and 20p thereafter.  

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