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Training and support available for external examiners

Newly appointed external examiners are provided with extensive guidance and support to assist them in undertaking their role. In addition to briefing days which aim to cover the role of external examiner at DMU, a considerable amount of information is sent outlining specific local requirements as well as generic university regulations.

External examiners may also be asked to act as a mentor to newly appointed examiners. Guidance on this, alongside full details on the information sent by the university upon confirmation of appointment can be found in the guide to external examining at DMU.

For more information, please contact Louise Newell.

Information sent

Before the start of their duties, external examiners are briefed by the faculty on the role and responsibilities, provided with an indication of the number of visits involved, and an overview of the university's academic regulations, to ensure that the proposed examiner will be able to fulfil their duties.

Briefing days

The university holds briefing days in the spring term for external examiners who have recently been appointed. Invitations are issued in the autumn term. Separate sessions are held for postgraduate and undergraduate examiners. The aim of these sessions is to receive information on the role of the external examiner at DMU and provide an opportunity to discuss this further with both faculty and central university staff, as well as looking at the undergraduate and postgraduate scheme and associated regulations, the board structure and faculty operations.

The presentations from the 2016/17 undergraduate and postgraduate briefing days are available.


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