Guidance and forms for data/management information

All published guidance material and forms relating to data/management information is presented together here.

Getting started

These guides will get you started with using Tableau and the reports within it, help with choosing the best report to meet your needs, and provide an overview of how the various data is used within academic quality management processes.

Tableau access request form (DMU staff only)

Quick start guide
Provides an overview to the use of data within quality management and includes some useful resources.

Accessing Tableau guide – DMU staff ONLY | External examiners/collaborative partner staff

Quick start guide – Tableau academic MI reports – key system/report features
Provides useful quick reference lookup to the main Tableau system and academic MI report key features, with brief instructions on how to use each.

Filter explanations
Provides an explanation for the different filter types to assist with producing data to suit your needs.

Which Tableau dashboard report do I need for academic quality management at module and programme level?
Helps determine which report best suits your needs, guiding on generating the most appropriate views.

Overview of using module achievement or programme performance data within quality management processes
Provides a useful overview of monitoring activity, plotting the timely use of module/programme level academic management information within quality monitoring processes.

Frequently asked questions – to follow

Full guidance

Start with selecting which quality monitoring process you require below, then utilise the relevant working with data guide. In-report guidance is also available to support real-time use, accessible via the information icon (top right hand corner of each report).

The full guides contain step-by-step screenshot instructions (where appropriate), plus a series of lookup tables which help explain the calculations applied and methodologies used within the data. A selection of quick start guides are provided for colleagues who only require brief instructions.

Using the data – what you need to know

  • Module achievement data

Module Enhancement Plans (MEPs) – full guide | quick start
Programme Management Boards (PMBs) – full guide | quick start

  • Programme performance data

Programme Enhancement Plans (PEPs) – full guide | quick start
Programme Management Boards (PMBs) – full guide | quick start

  • Other academic quality data

External examiners full guide
Periodic review
full guide

Working with data

Module achievement data full guide
Programme performance data full guide
Student profiles (new starters) data – full guide

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Guidance and forms
Guidance and forms

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Roles and responsibilities

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