Managing Multiple Calls

Placing a Call on Hold

1 - When you are in an active call, select Hold. The caller will now be placed on hold.

2 - To retrieve the caller, press the Resume button.

3 - If you wish to place the caller on hold and then make a secondary phone call, select Hold as above, then select Menu. You can now select New Call and you can enter the extension number of the person you wish to speak to or using the up & down arrows highlight a contact and press Call.

Answering a Second Call

Whilst in an active call and a you receive a further call you can deal with it in a couple of ways

1 - When the second call comes in you will see the callers details on the display of your phone. You will also hear some beeps indicating a second call is coming in.

2 - If you wish to ignore the incoming call, selecting To Voicemail will give the caller an option to leave you a message.

3 - If you wish to speak with the new caller, select Answer. This will place the original caller on hold and answer the new call. You can then switch between the calls by scrolling through them using the up & down arrow buttons, selecting Resume on the held call will automatically switch to that and place the other call on hold.

4 - If further calls come in to you you can follow the steps above.


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