Making a Call

Making a Call


In addition to the standard way of making a phone call (by picking up the

handset and dialing the required extension or external number), you can make calls as follows:

- Calling from the Contacts screen on your phone

- Calling by searching for a contact using the keypad

- Calling from using the Lync 2010 client on your PC


To call from the Contacts screen on your phone:

1 - From your phone's home screen, select the Contacts icon and then select the contact group the user is in.


2 - From the Contacts screen, use the up & down arrow buttons on the phone to select the contact, then select Call.

To call by searching for a contact using the keypad:

1 - Press the numbers on the phone keypad that correspond to the contact name or the phone extension. For example to find 'Ajay Panchal' begin pressing 2529*726425, where * is the space between the first & last name.(like texting on a mobile using alpha-numeric keys)

2 - When you find the contact you want to call, select call.


To call from Lync 2010 on your computer:

1 - Make sure the USB cable that connects your phone handset to your computer is installed.

2 - Open Lync 2010 on your computer. In the main Lync contacts window, click Groups, and then click the group the contact is in.

3 - Click the call button next to the contact you want to call.


Please note, you are no longer required to dial a '9' for an outside line






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