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Square Mile India

Square Mile India

Set to improve the quality of life for thousands


Square Mile India

Launched in February 2016, Square Mile India is a series of projects sharing the skills of DMU students and staff to make a positive change for thousands of people, adding an overseas dimension to the university’s Square Mile project, and involving DMU’s pioneering international experience programme #DMUglobal.

Drawing upon DMU research to support Indian communities and giving students the chance to gain valuable global experience, the initiative is set to make a real difference to the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable families in the region of Gujarat, India’s westernmost state.

Square Mile India projects will:

  • Connect remote rural villages to sustainable energy resources
  • Provide health outreach to hundreds with eyesight and hearing problems in Gujarat
  • Create a new Square Mile in the slum of Ramapir No Tekro in Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city
  • Offer more than 200 DMU students the opportunity to put their degree skills into practice within Indian communities with #DMUglobal
  • Develop new projects with partner universities, organisations and charities in India
  • Create global internships for 80 Indian students at DMU
  • Support a home for 120 vulnerable Dalit (or ‘untouchable’) children, from the lowest Hindu caste, in Ahmedabad, as well as wider health and education programmes for underprivileged groups
  • Deliver the Gandhi Global Peace Conference 2016 in Leicester

During recent trips to Ahmedabad, the university’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Dominic Shellard met with local Dalit children there who are being helped by charitable organisations within the Gandhi Ashram – where Mahatma Gandhi himself lived for 12 years.

Dalit children are impoverished and excluded from society, facing discrimination every day of their lives. As an institution dedicated to the public good, DMU is supporting the future of these children, and other underprivileged groups in the region.

Square Mile India Fund

A key part of the university’s support for the children’s home is giving DMU students, staff and the general public the chance to donate to the charitable sponsorship scheme, the Square Mile India Fund.

The fund will initially provide the Dalit children of Ahmedabad with essentials including books, access to medicine, and equipment for sports and games.

Regular reporting by students and staff will ensure that people know how their money is being spent to help bring real benefits.

To help or get involved

To donate to the Square Mile India Fund from £2 per month, please email People can donate individually or team up with others, for example friends or colleagues, to make donations.

To find out more about the programme, or ways to get involved, please contact Amy White on

You can join in the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using #DMUIndia.

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