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University is absolutely not just about the course. It’s a way of life and finding the balance between work and play is where the real pleasure of your uni life lies. To try and help make that easier, at DMU we have created study spaces throughout campus. We’ve added desks, power points, comfy sofas and workstations at different spots around the place to give you a more comfortable, sociable way of getting a bit of work done. Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom; find out what works for you.

Kimberlin Library, Eric Wood, Law Library and The Greenhouse

Our four classic study areas are the Kimberlin Library, Eric Wood, the Law Library and The Greenhouse, all of which are filled with computers and dedicated study zones. With around 1,600 study places and more than 700 open access computers (Macs and PCs) across the four sites, not to mention thousands of books, students can come to any of these places and find a peaceful sanctuary in which to study. The Kimberlin is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year after students asked for more availability.

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Vijay Patel Building

The Vijay Patel Building is built around one giant, complex, beautiful set of stairs. And on each level, around this stairwell are long workbenches with high stools to sit and work, hook into power sockets and go online. There is also plenty of soft seating on each floor. Just go exploring – there’s comfy nooks and crannies all over the place.

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Mill Lane and surrounding areas

If the weather’s warm, head outside onto Mill Lane. In the landscaped section outside the Vijay Patel Building, under the giant screen on the side of the building, there are plenty of benches and low walls to sit and read, sketch, write or chat in the sun. You could also head over to the Magazine and gather on the stone ledges and benches there.

Queen’s Building

At Queen’s there’s carpeted breakout areas which improve the acoustics of the space; bespoke furniture finished in bright materials wrapped around columns to provide pockets of space for group work; fitted benching against the walls of classrooms with additional seating and plug sockets and high booth seating.

Hawthorn Building

The lower ground floor of the Hawthorn building features a brightly coloured open plan area with plenty of seating to relax and study.

Hugh Aston Building

Hugh Aston has spaces created on several of its floors. The breakout areas on the first, second and third floors now include bespoke furniture finished in bright materials offering additional seating and work space.

Gateway House

At Gateway there are several brighter, more attractive areas created on the ground floor and in several of the lift lobby areas. 

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