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Dr Lorenzo Picinali

Job: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Technology

School/department: School of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Research group(s): Interactive and Media Technologies (IMT) and Virtual Reality and Assisted Living (ViR.AL)

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 207 8051

E: lpicinali@dmu.ac.uk

W: www.tech.dmu.ac.uk/~lpicinali/


Personal profile

Dr Picinali is a Senior Lecturer in Music/Audio Technology in the Department of Media Technology at DMU and an active researcher in the Virtual Reality and Assisted Living |(ViR.AL) and Interactive and Media Technologies |(IMT) research groups. After graduation from the Computer Science Department of the Universita degli Studi di Milano, Italy, in July 2005, he moved to DMU to start a PhD in Music and Technology titled "The Creation of a Binaural Spatialization Tool". In June 2007 he moved to take up a full-time research position in Paris, but continued his PhD studies in his own time, having re-registered as a part-time student at DMU. In Paris he worked as a researcher for LIMSI-CNRS and IRCAM on various projects linked to data sonification, binaural auralization and VR environments for the blind (see following section). In January 2009 he moved back to DMU to work as a full-time lecturer in the Faculty of Technology, and in May 2010 he successfully completed his PhD. The collaboration with IRCAM and LIMSI-CNRS is still active with projects in audio-haptic interaction and data sonification. Between September 2005 and December 2008 Dr Picinali has also been employed as an external consultant in various research projects with GNReSound Italia, LIM (Universita degli Studi di Milano) and the Audiology Department of the University of Ferrara. This research has focused upon the objective and subjective audio quality evaluation of hearing aids, spatial hearing perception, and 3D sound algorithms for hearing aids.
Over the past 6 years, Dr. Picinali published various international and international conference papers, international journal papers and two book chapters, and has been invited to present his work in various national and international venues.

Publications and outputs 

Click here to view a full listing of Lorenzo Picinali's publications and outputs.|

Key research outputs

Spatial Audio Applied to Research with the Blind. B. FG Katz & L. Picinali. In Advances in Sound Localization, Sturmillo, P. Ed. INTECH, April 2011, ISBN: 978-953-307-224-1 http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/spatial-audio-applied-to-research-with-the-blind|

Multisensory VR Exploration for Computer Fluid Dynamics in the CoRSAIRe Project.J. M. Vezien, B. Menelas, J. Nelson, L. Picinali, P. Bourdot, M. Ammi, B. FG Katz, J. M. Burkhardt, L. Pastur, F. Lusseyran. In Virtual Reality special issue Virtual Reality in Scientific Applications, Springer, London, Sept 2009, pp. 273-293.

Multisensory VR Interaction for Protein-Docking in the CoRSAIRe Project. N. Ferey, J. Nelson, C. Martin, L. Picinali, G. Bouyer, A. Tek, P. Bourdot, J.M. Burkhardt, B. FG Katz, M. Ammi, C. Etchebest & L. Autin. In Virtual Reality special issue Virtual Reality in Scientific Applications, Springer, London, Sept 2009, pp. 257-271.

3D Sound on Headphones: Simulation and Alteration of Nature. L. Picinali. In Handbook of Research on Computational Art and Creative Informatics, J. Braman, G, Vincenti & G. Trajkovski Eds., Information Science Reference (IGI Global).

Speech perception with Hearing Aids: Effect of Noise Reduction and Directional Microphone Systems on Amplified Signals. S. Prosser, M. Pulga, A. Mancuso & L. Picinali. In Audiological Medicine, 2009,1-6, iFirst article.

Research interests/expertise

Areas of Interest:

Audio Signal Processing

Music Technology

Binaural Auralization - click on the following links to listen to binaural recordings and simulations (obviously, listen with a pair of headphones!):
Reverberant Room |
Train Station |
Where am I? |
Click here |to download my MaxMSP binaural spatialization patch

Audio-Haptics Interaction Design and Multimodal Interfaces

Audiology and Audiometric Techniques

Virtual Reality Interactive Applications for the Blind

Current research projects

Lorenzo Picinali current research summary|

VR Interactive Applications for the Blind |- in collaboration with Dr. Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS, France) and Dr. Tony Stockman (Queen Mary University of London) - see also video interview |

Non-invasive calibration of fitted paediatric hearing aids - in collaboration with Dr. Aldo Rona (University of Leicester) and Prof. Chris Morfey (University of Southampton).

The Sound of Proteins |- in collaboration with Dr. Huseyin Secker and Charalambos Chrysostomou (CCI - De Montfort University) - see also video interview |

Audio-Haptics Interaction |- in collaboration with Dr. Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS, France) and Chris Feakes (IMT - De Montfort University).

Evaluating the effectiveness of asymmetrical directional microphone configurations on BTE hering aids |- in collaboration with Prof. Silvano Prosser (Universita di Ferrara, Italy). This project is included in the larger Multimedia and Audiology Network (MAN) project, see also video interview |

SASSy: Sensory Articulation Speech System - in collaboration with Mrs. Pip Cornelius (HLS - De Montfort University), Dr. Dylan Menzies (IMT - De Montfort University) and Prof. Bob John (CCI - De Montfort University).

Surgeon Training Device: integration of haptic devices with game technologies - in collaboration with Dr. Samad Ahmadi (CCI and ViR.AL - De Montfort University), Ms. Emilija Zukauskaite and Mr. Ranjit Nair (ViR.AL - De Montfort University). 

Areas of teaching

Audio recording technologies and studio practice

Introduction to acoustics, electroacoustics and psychoacoustics

Musical acoustics


2006-2010 PhD in Music and Technology, in the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at the De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, 1st supervisor Professor Leigh Landy, 2nd supervisor Dr. Dylan Menzies. Research project title: “The Creation of a Binaural Spatialization Tool”.

2003-2005 Laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie per la Comunicazione Musicale (Science and Technologies for the Musical Communication) at the Università degli Studi di Milan, 110/110 cum laude. Thesis title: “Sound Spatialization for a Binaural Listening” (I supervisor Prof. Goffredo Haus, II supervisor Prof. Antonio Mancuso).

Membership of professional associations and societies

  • Member of the Audio Engineering Society in Italy, UK and France since 2004
  • Member of AGON (Centro Studi Armando Gentilucci, www.agonarsmagnetica.it) since 1/2005
  • Member of the Acoustical Society of America since 10/2005
  • Member of the AIA (Associazione Italiana di Acustica, part of the EAA) since 4/2006
  • Member of SpACENet (Spatial Audio Engineering Network) since 12/2006

Current research students

Christopher Feakes (1st Lorenzo Picinali, 2nd Dylan Menzies)

Externally funded research grants information

Innovation Fellowship 2012 (University of Nottingham) for the project Surgeon Training Device: integration of haptic devices with game technologies, £13k, Role: PI. 2012.

Internally funded research project information

De Montfort University HEIF6 (Higher Education Innovation Fund) for the project Non-invasive calibration of fitted pediatric hearing aids - A pilot study, £10k, Role: PI. 2011.

De Montfort University HEIF5 (Higher Education Innovation Fund) for the project Feasibility Study of a Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment for Surgical Teams, £40k, Role: CI. 2011.

De Montfort University RIF2010 (Revolving Investment Fund) for the project Multimedia and Audiology Network, £10k, Role: PI. 2010.

De Montfort University RIF2009 (Revolving Investment Fund) for the project Disability and Digital Technologiesì, £10k, Role: CI. 2009.

Professional esteem indicators

Teaching, seminars, thesis supervision, committees and journal reviews

  • Reviewer for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies.
  • Non-Artistic applications for MaxMSP and Binaural Spatialization in MaxMSP, presentation and workshops at the M4_u Convention, Phoenix Square, Leicester, UK.
  • Monolateral and Bilateral Fitting with Different Hearing Aids Directional Configurations – Further Tests on the Effect of Interaural Differences on SRT and Pure Tone Detection Thresholds, seminar at the City University of New York, 18th May 2011, NY, US.
  • Audio Technology and Audiology Research at the Fused Media Lab, seminar within the Ear Club series, 9th May 2011, University of California Berkeley, CA, US.
  • Member of the Program Committee for the Haptics for Telepresence, Teleoperation and Collaborative Environments workshop within the 13th Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC), Apr 6-8 2010, Laval, France.
  • Guest Lecture on Audio et la RV (Audio and Virtual Reality, language: French) for the Master Recherce Informatique, 2008, Université Paris Sud XI, Orsay, France.
  • Binaural acoustic cues for perceiving spatial evolution in enclosed spaces. Co-supervision (with Dr. B. FG Katz) of the final research project for the 2nd year of Master (Physical Acoustics) of Lionel Feugère, 2008, Université Paris-Sud XI, Orsay, France.
  • Etude de la conception et des paradigmes de la sonification (Studies on the sonification conception and paradigms). Co-supervision (with Dr. Brian FG Katz) of the research project of Amaury Arboun, 2008, École Nationale Supérieure Louis-Lumière, Orsay, France.
  • Multichannel to Binaural Conversion: an Overview. Guest talk for the Binaural Audio Art Symposium, 15 July 2007, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.
  • The simulation of three-dimensional soundscapes through headphones: problems and possible solutions. With Dylan Menzies, seminar within the Ear Club series 2007, University of California Berkeley, CA, US.
  • Series of 5 lectures on the theme Direzionalità Naturale e Fitting Asimmetrico (Natural Directionality and Asymmetrical Fitting), organized by GNReSound Italia, 2006, Montegrotto Terme, Italy.
  • Lectures on the Sound-scape Simulation theme during the course of Numerical models in acoustics (language: Italian), 2006, Università degli Studi di Milano.
  • Lectures on the Directional Hearing theme during the course of Psycho-physiology of the musical perception (language: Italian), 2006, Università degli Studi di Milano.

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