Professor Eric Goodyer

Job: Professor of Instrumentation

Faculty: Technology

School/department: School of Computer Science and Informatics

Research group(s): The De Montfort University Interdisciplinary Group in Intelligent Transport Systems (DIGITS)

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)116 207 8509




Personal profile

My specialist area of expertise is the design and development of real time instrumentation for industrial, automotive and laboratory use. This is best summed up as 'Measurement Automation & Control'. My research interests are the development of new electromechanical and electronic measuring equipment, and telematic solutions for industry.

Most of my research projects are based around the application of microcontrollers (e.g. PIC and 8051 architecture CPUs) to solve measurement and control problems. A number of my software and hardware designs are in production, including the control panels for Stoves gas cookers, Caradon Mira's Advantage shower range, Siemens VDO's fleetlogger and CAN product range, Quarndon Electronics CAN Controller units, the 'Fishphone' GSM telematic sensor/controller, Thorlux Lighting's distributed monitoring systems for lighting, and the Linear Skin Rheometer used to measure the visco-elastic properties of human skin.

I work part time for DMU. I also work as a self employed freelance design engineer in my specialist fields, offering design and consultancy service to industry world-wide.

Research group affiliations

De Montfort University Interdisciplinary Group in Intelligent Transport Systems (DIGITS)

Bio-Heath Informatics Research Group with the Centre for Computational Intelligence

Centre for Computational Intelligence (CCI)

Cyber Security Centre (CSC)

Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Mechatronics Centre (AMPMC)

Publications and outputs 

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Key research outputs

Patent holder for the In-vivo Laryngeal Tensiometer

Academic leader for the team that developed the first multi-constellation Satellite Navigation receiver for NSL Ltd

Grants awarded during this REF period in excess of £1 Million

Research interests/expertise

Instrumentation & Microelectronics

Measurement, Automation & Control

Intelligent Transport Systems

Medical Device

Areas of teaching



Embedded C programming


BSc Hons Pure & Applied Physics UMIST 1975

Msc Digital Electronics UMIST 1977

PhD Biomechanics De Montfort 2008 by Published Work

Courses taught


Honours and awards

Times Higher Education Award 2010. Short-listed in the group “Outstanding Contribution to Innovation”

Lord Stafford Award for “Innovation in Development” category 2009. In recognition of the successful partnership between NSL Ltd & De Montfort University

Galileo Masters competition 2007 for Mobile Telecare. UK Winner and European runner up.

Membership of external committees

COST 2103 Voice Action Conference 2009 & 3rd Advanced Voice Function Assessment International Workshop

IEEE International Conference on Electronics Design, Systems and Applications (ICEDSA 2012)

Membership of professional associations and societies


Conference attendance

  • Agata Ciołkosz-Styk, Alan Wells Eric Goodyer,, Steve Dibnah, Clare Edwards, Suchith Anand, Mike Jackson, David Convers, Jacques Bouffier, Gherardo Chirici∞, Bruno Lasserre∞, Michela Corvino, Fabrizio Spallone, Teresa Raventos, Marta Gruziel, Paweł Kwiatkowski, Hanna-Kaisa Saari, Andrew Groom. Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies – Master Classes case study. International Cartographic Conference, Dresden, 2013 (in press).
  • Stefan Gustafsson, Norbert Hübner, Benjamin N. Passow, David Elizondo, Eric Goodyer, Yingjie Yang, Roland J. Leigh, James P. Lawrence, Satish Shah, Jolanta Obszynska, Sarah Brown. Integration Of Traffic Management And Air Quality Control (iTRAQ). European Transport Conference, Glasgow, October 2012.
  • Stefan Gustafsson, Norbert Hübner, Benjamin N. Passow, David Elizondo, Eric Goodyer, Yingjie Yang, Roland J. Leigh, James P. Lawrence, Satish Shah, Jolanta Obszynska, Sarah Brown. Integration Of Traffic Management And Air Quality Control (iTRAQ). European Transport Conference, Glasgow, October 2012.
  • P R Moore, C B Wong, X Chen, and E N Goodyer. Distributed Integrated Care Services and Systems. Mechatronics 2012, The 13th Mechatronics Forum International Conference September 17 - 19, 2012, Linz, Austria.
  • Dibnah, S., Goodyer, E., Jackson, M., Groom, A., Lattes, P., Bouffier, J., Spallone, F.. Chirici, G.. Corvino, M., Baranowski. M., Maczewski, K., Kmiecik, A. THE ISSUE. Traffic, Health, Environment; Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies. Wells, A., Space Applications parallel meeting at the Toulouse Space Show June 2012.
  • Goodyer EN, Wong CB, Chen X, Moore P. The Importance of Inter-Operability for Telematic Systems that support Mobility, Location and Tracking – 2 Case Studies. Space Applications parallel meeting at the Toulouse Space Show June 2012.
  • Passow BN. Leigh RJ, Lawrence J , Elizondo D, Yang Y, Goodyer E, Shah S, Brown S. An Integrated Traffic Management and Air Quality Control System Using Space Services. Space Applications parallel meeting at the Toulouse Space Show June 2012.
  • Eric Goodyer, Samad Ahmadi, Francisco Chiclana, David Elizondo, Mario Gongora, Benjamin N. Passow, Yingjie Yang. Delivery of Intelligent Transport Systems through the Application of Computational Intelligence. The International Conference on Climate Friendly Transport. Shaping Climate Friendly Transport in Europe. REACT Conference, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Shell J, Coupland S, Goodyer E. Fuzzy Data Fusion for Fault Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks. UKCI 10th Annual UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence, July 2010.
  • Goodyer EN, Dailey SH, Gundeson McClean. The anisotropic nature of the visco-elastic properties of the human vocal fold. AQL 2010, Erlangen, Germany September 2010.
  • Goodyer E, Bramer B, Chauhan D, Gongora M, Ahmed A. GNSS & Healthcare. Toulouse Space Show June 2010.
  • Adane Y, Bavaro M, Dumville M, Goodyer E, Gow J. Low cost multi constellation front end for GNSS software defined receivers. European Navigation Conference - Global Navigation Satellite Systems 2009.
  • S. Schmolke, F. Müller, Eric Goodyer, M. Hess, K. Püschel, U. Schumacher, AK. Licht . The Linear Skin Rheometer (LSR) - a reliable tool for measuring elasticity in artificially damaged vocal folds AQL 2008 Gronningen.
  • Adane Y, Bavaro M, Gow J, Goodyer E, Dumville M. Miniaturised Dual-Channel High-End Receivers For GNSS Software Defined Radio Applications. Navitec December 2008.
  • Goodyer E, Dailey SH, Gunderson M. Variation of stiffness of the mucosa inferior to the vocal fold. Advances in Quantitative Laryngology, Stockholm 2008.
  • Chhetri DK, Goodyer EN. Control Of Vocal Fold Cover Stiffness By Laryngeal Muscles. The American Laryngological Association, spring meeting Orlando May 2008.
  • A-K Licht, Goodyer EN, F Müller, JB Kobler, M Hess. Directionality of vocal fold elasticity. Dreiländertagung D-A-CH 24. Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Phoniatrie und Pädaudiologie e. V. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Phoniatrie und Pädaudiologie e. V. 28. - 30.09.2007, Innsbruck, Österreich.
  • A-K Licht, Goodyer EN, F Müller, JB Kobler, M Hess. The anisotropic nature of the vocal fold. PEVOC 2007 Groningen.
  • Goodyer E., Hemmerich S., Mueller F., Licht A.-K., Hess M. Characterisation of the Elasticity of the Human Vocal Fold using Electromechanical Measurement Techniques. 7th International Conference Advances in Quantitative Laryngology, Voice and Speech Research. Groningen 2006.
  • Hertegård S, Dahlqvist Å, Goodyer E, Maurer F. Viscoelasticity in scarred rabbit vocal folds after hyaluronan injection - short term results. AAO-HNSF/ARO Research Forum during the 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation. 2004.
  • Goodyer EN, Gunter H, Masaki A, Kobler JB. Mapping The Visco-Elastic Properties of the Vocal Fold. Advances in Quantitative Laryngology, Voice and Speech Research. Hamburg 2003.
  • Goodyer E. The Enhancement of the Goodyer Skin Rheometer by means of a Microcontroller Based PCB. European Design and Test Conference (EDTC) Paris 1997.
  • Goodyer, E.N. An intelligent colour graphics display for use in vehicle dashboard instrument clusters. 2nd International Conference on Road Vehicle Automation (ROVA 95), Bolton, September, 1995.
  • Goodyer E. Novel sensors for measuring fuel flow and level, Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Hamburg 1989.
  • Goodyer E. Overview of a range of novel automotive sensors. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London. 1989.
  • Goodyer E. Novel sensors for measuring fuel flow and level. Sixth International Conference on Automotive Electronics (Conf. Publ. No.280), London,1987.
  • Goodyer E. Optical Sensors for Vehicles - ISATA International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation (ISATA) Florence. 1987.
  • Goodyer E. Application Of Low Power Microtechnology To Process Instrumentation: Some Case Examples. IEE Colloquium on Low Power Microprocessor Systems (Digest No.85) 1983.
  • Goodyer, E.N. Microprocessor-based gas flow computer. IMEKO , London, pp. 57-66, 1980.
  • Goodyer EN. A Modular Solution to the Design of Dedicated Laboratory Instrumentation. London 1980.
  • Goodyer EN. Integration and testing of microprocessor based systems. Programming microprocessors for industrial measurement & control. London, 1980.

 Peer Reviewed Poster Presentation

  • Cartner T, Fricker C, Kirk J, Rawlings AV, Goodyer E, Baker A, Swift B. Use of Advanced Skin Bioengineering Instrumentation to Qualify Skin Lotion Performance In A Long Term Care Environment NADONA/LTC Georgia, USA June 2010.
  • Wong CB, Goodyer EN, Chen Xi, Moore P. iCARE - Mobile Telecare Poster Presentation at Modernised Satellite Navigation: The implementation of GNSS programmes & future challenges. London IET October 2011. 

Conferences by Direct Invitation from the Organising Committee:

  • Railway Industries Association. Unlocking Innovation Scheme a perspective from outside the Rail Sector. The National Space Centre, 10th October 2012.
  • Business Meets Space – Satellite Data Apps. National Space Centre, October 2012.
  • Gravity Fields, Science and Technology Support for Business Conference. From KTP to Euro 60 Million a case study of an SME in Space.
  • Inside Government's The Future of Britain’s Space Economy Forum. London September 2012.
  • Chaired the 'Satellite Applications to support Urban Mobility' round-table debate at the Toulouse Space Show 2012.
  • Goodyer EN. Intelligent mobility, harnessing the power of data session. SERT@GVC 2012. Henry Ford College, Loughborough. Organised by CENEX on behalf of UKTI. 21/22 March 2012.
  • Goodyer EN. Opening conference launch of the THE-ISSUE EU regions of Knowledge, various presentations to EU audience. The National Space Centre 17/18/19th Jan 2012.
  • Goodyer EN. First GFG2 Consultation Workshop - Identification of Global Environmental Earth Observation Needs. Invited as a 'specialist witness' to present to this EU conference in Oslo examining new applications for Satellite Navigation. On the theme GNSS and Healthcare. October 2011.
  • Eric Goodyer. GNSS & Mapping - G-STEP conference Leicester Global to Local: Space Innovations in Mapping. Nov 2011.
  • Eric Goodyer How GNSS Space Technology can give your business a ‘lift off’. Transform Your Business with Space Technology. 3U4B Conference at the National Space Centre Leicester. April 2010.
  • The MOHS Lectures by Placon. A series of lectures on rheometry at Wisconsin University. 2007.
  • Goodyer E. Interfacing Analysis Equipment to Microcomputers – Some Case Histories. Paint Research Association - Symposium on Paint Analysis. 1984. 

Other Book Chapters, Conferences and articles:

  • Leigh R, Wells A, Monks P, Passow B, Elizondon D, Goodyer E, Gustaffson S. Managing air quality: Systems for future cities in 60 uses of GMES. The European Space Agency, November 2012.
  • Leigh R, Wells A, Monks P, Passow B, Elizondon D, Goodyer E, Gustaffson S. Managing air quality: Systems for future cities in 60 uses of GMES. The European Space Agency, November 2012.
  • Invited to attend “Shaping the Vision for Future Transport: Future Transport Systems TIC proposal consultation event”. The Techno Centre, Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way, January 2011.
  • Goodyer EN, In Road Vehicle Automation II. An intelligent colour graphics display for use in vehicle dashboard instrument clusters. J Wiley & Sons. ISBN 0471967262. 1997.
  • Nwagboso C, Goodyer EN. Introduction to Automotive Sensory Systems - Chapter 1 of Automotive Sensory Systems. In Road Vehicle Automation I. Chapman & Hall. ISBN 0412458802. 1993.
  • Goodyer E, Neylan P. A comparative study of the INTEL 8086, ZILOG Z8000 and MOTOROLA MC68000. 1982.
  • NSC 800 Tested (CMOS processors) - in Microforecast Feb 1981 – application report.

Consultancy work

Consultancy at DMU

  • Boots May 2012 £3260
  • Ringtrack March 2012 £6200
  • Northampton University £975 Sep 2011
  • Intamac £3900. Oct 2010 
  • Stoneballs. £2391. Sep 2010 
  • Squid Soup. £2500. Aug 2009 
  • SSL £825 May 2007
  • Mo-Tech £4500

Consultancy Secured at Sira Estimated Total £500,000 (1977 to 1991)
Private Consultancy secured by GSI Ltd Total £803,020 (1991 to date).

Current research students

Sunday Ilay 1st

Hans Pruller 1st

Jethro Shell 2nd

Externally funded research grants information

Grants & Consultancy – DMU Total since 2002 £1,456,635 

  • KTP with Ringtrack, to develop GNSS based application, £117032.
  • UKTI SOLO award to support trade stand at the Toulouse Space Show £1k May 2012.
  • EMDA Transport iNET. ITRAQ extension. £20,360. Sep 2011.
  • EU Regions of Knowledge. THE-ISSUE. To build an EU capability in Intelligent Mobility. Euro 216,892 ~ £188,000. Oct 2011.
  • KTP with BGlobal. To develop a ZigBee based Smart Meter. £127,731. Sep 2010.
  • EMDA Transport iNET. Dynamic Traffic Management and Passenger Guidance to meet the Carbon Challenge. £26,771 (jointly with David Elizondo). Sep 2009.
  • EMDA Transport iNET. Integrating mobility vehicles and devices with smart homes. £21386. Sep 2009.
  • Technology Strategy Board. ALIP 2 - Distributed Integrated Care Services and Systems Run with Bill Wong. £412,092. June 2009.
  • The Royal Society. To carry out in-vivo trials of a new dynamic in-vivo laryngeal tensiometer. £1140. June 2009.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering. Continuation of joint research with Wisconsin Medical Centers. £500. Dec 2008.
  • KTP - with NSL Ltd. Development of Software Digital Radio receiver for GNSS/GPS data. Academic supervisor Dr John Gow & Dr Chris Oxley. £113,286. June 2007.
  • Royal Academy of Engineering. To support a presentation to Harvard Medical School and Wisconsin University Hospital. £500. Jan 2007.
  • The Royal Society – Paul Instrument Fund. Dynamic In-Vivo Laryngeal Tensiometer. £29,000. Dec 2006.
  • The Royal Society. International Outgoing Short Visit. £750. Aug 2006.
  • EPSRC. Investigation of the relationship between vocal fold tension and electrical stimulation of the recurrent laryngeal nerve in a canine model. £15,756. Nov 2006.
  • KTP with Thorlux Ltd. To develop dynamic web based support for lighting telemetry system. Academic Supervisor Dr Clinton Ingrams. £108,488. July 2006.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering. Investigation of ultrasound as a method to characterise the vocal fold – study to take place at Wisconsin University Hospital. £700. Feb 2006.
  • KTP with RDM Automotive Ltd. To transfer knowledge of embedded software and hardware for the development of existing and new products – advanced vehicle telematics.. £101044. Jan 2006.
  • EPSRC. Quantifying The Effectiveness Of Stem-Cell Implants To Promote Self-Healing Of The Vocal Fold. £10660. Aug 2005.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering. Quantifying the Effectiveness of Tissue Regeneration Using Stem Cell Implants. £900. May 2005.
  • HIRF Innovation and Regional Fellowship. To develop peer-to-peer communications over GPRS. Held jointly with Dr Brian Bramer. £13,900. Apr 2005.
  • HIRF Innovation and Regional Fellowship. To develop in-vivo laryngeal tensiometer £9750. Feb 2004.
  • KTP with Dailys UK Ltd. To develop new telematic products, £105,220. Feb 2004.
  • EPSRC . To establish collaborative research with Eppendorf Medical School Hamburg. £3872. Jan 2004.
  • EPSRC. To establish collaborative research with Harvard Medical School @ MEEI. £6810. Jun 2002.

Internally funded research project information

HEIF £120k To develop the DIGITS research group 2012-2014

RIF £3500 To support an East Midlands NEREUS trade stand at the 2012 Toulouse Space Show

RIF £10k To investigate the use of light transmission to detect skin lesions 2013.

Published patents

GB24 46447A In Vivo Laryngeal tensiometer. UK 13th August 2008.

Professional esteem indicators

Grant and journal peer reviewing duties:

Wellcome Trust
Journal of Biomechanics
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
Transactions on Sensor Networks
Transport iNET


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