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Laura Jones


"Let me help you be the best version of you!"

For me training enabled me to understand and be able to listen to my body on a deeper level. Let me help you to achieve your goals and have a better understanding of your anatomy, whilst developing your strength and your confidence. As well as giving you nutrition advice and tips that I use myself on a daily basis.

Having competed in dance for over 12 years it is evident that the correct form and posture is beneficial in everyday life. Being mechanically advantageous in both exercising and undertaking daily tasks can help in energy preservation and unnecessary muscle tension. Let me help you to improve your posture and habitual behavior and therefore improve your quality of life. 


  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • BA (Hons) Dance


Before I met Laura my exercise routine was limited to home workouts since the thought of going to the gym was horrifying. However, from training with Laura 3 times a week for the last few months has made me realise how fun exercising can be. Her professionalism and friendly manner motivated me to stick to my plan and work towards my goals. She truly has been wonderful and I would recommend Laura to anyone who is looking to introduce more exercise into their lifestyle. 

- Sarah Farrell 


'Laura listened to what I wanted to achieve and she then created an individualised plan which enabled me to meet the goals we had discussed together. Laura is both friendly and enthusiastic and these characteristics motivated me during our sessions together. I was able to adapt and increase the exercises and weights upon Laura's recommendations, as I became stronger. I would highly recommend Laura as a personal trainer as she make you work as hard as you can but always with a smile on her face!'

- Rose Moore


'Laura makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and smash a gym session before you even get to work, she always pushed me to hit targets and kept me motivated! I always had such a good time during my session, even when I was physically exhausted. I never thought I would be capable of what I have achieved and its all thanks to her. I wasn't sure how PT would benefit me as I'm a very active sporty person, but my knowledge of exercise and strength has increased dramatically, I love planning sessions and measuring my growth and I would have never got there if it wasn't for her!'

- Tiffany Frost 

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